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Robert Vesco was the mentor of Raymond Reddington, and a longtime legendary fugitive who faked his death. Robert was one of the major players in America's most notorious financial and political scandals that took place during the 1970s. In 1972, the Federal Communications Commission accused Vesco of robbing 200,000,000 dollars from a mutual fund he controlled and 1 year later, Robert made an illegal campaign contribution to Richard Nixon hoping that Nixon's Attorney General would drop the charges. When that did not happen, Robert fled the country and spent almost 40 years in glamorous exile at Costa Rica, Nicaragua, the Bahamas, and Cuba, where he faked his death in 2007. After that, Vesco went into hiding, living for more than 10 years in an unsuspecting apartment in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada. It was rumored that Robert had found the De La Cruz, a Spanish ship filled with gold that sank near Florida in the 1700s, that being the real reason behind his staged death. During the time Robert mentored Reddington on how to be a fugitive, he robbed Red of his entire life savings by convincing him to invest all the money in a cattle ranch at Paraguay that actually turned out to be a brothel outside of Asuncion.

Season 6[]

Robert Vesco[]

Vesco was living in Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada after faking his death to escape the vengeance of the governments he had defrauded. The exile had resulted in Vesco realizing that money was not the prize he had considered it earlier.

Season 9[]

The SPK[]

Vesco resurfaced as Giovanni, the steward of the Supremo Priori Knighthood, an order of vigilantes who stole holy relics under false pretenses.

Season 10[]

The Four Guns[]

Reddington hired the Four Guns to spring Vesco from prison. He used an arsenic laced book delivered through the prison librarian to get Vesco treated and transported to a hospital. Once there, the Four Guns used an elaborate and well synchronized ruse to get Vesco out through a service corridor and into a waiting hearse driven by Reddington himself.

The Hyena[]

Reddington pampered Vesco at his abandoned public bath house hideout to build up to asking him to do another job. This job involved Vesco using his considerable confidence game skills to decipher and decode hidden codes to a lost fortune from one of its heirs. Vesco helped Reddington unlock the crypto-funds and for his part of it. While Reddington proposes the 2 split the fortune in half (50 percent), Vesco says he will take a third (33.33 percent), to which Red replies that "he still does have a heart." Vesco accepted 1 third of the take as payment for his services, and the receiver of the total remainder of the funds are left unknown, though we know over 200,000,000 dollars is sent to one of the heirs.

The Dockery Affair[]

Wujing approached Vesco to help him in his struggle against Reddington, unaware of Vesco’s true history and close friendship with Reddington. Vesco used his position with Reddington as an advantage in bargaining a seat at Wujing’s table. While Vesco had Wujing believing he wanted a part of the revenge, Vesco was working another angle on behalf of Reddington.

Dr. Laken Perillos: Conclusion[]

Wujing revealed that his plan to capture Dembe and free Dr. Perillos relied on Vesco’s connections and skills as a career criminal. Wujing wanted Vesco to help him secure Bo Chang, a valuable ally who until then had rejected Wujing’s invitation to join the fight. However, en route to a private airfield, Wujing learned of Vesco’s duplicity in helping Reddington free Dembe, and instead of finishing the mission, he had Vesco detained instead. Calm as ever, Vesco warned Wujing and Perillos that it would only be a matter of time before Reddington would finally kill them. Wujing subsequently had Vesco executed, and for good measure, left Vesco’s body still tied to a chair where Reddington could find it. Having discovered Vesco’s body, Reddington quietly mourned the loss of his dear friend and mentor.

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