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Roger Hobbs is a billionaire and member of the Cabal.


Hobbs became the billionaire CEO of a tech company called Sadovo Solutions. Hobbs was approached by Peter Kotsiopulos at some point, who brought him into and sponsored his entry into the Cabal. His fortune was enhanced by arrangements through the Cabal, who gave him access to numerous government contracts and political connections. As a personal project, he founded the Longevity Initiative, a scientific project dedicated to extending the human lifespan. Among the scientists involved in the project was Julian Powell, who worked for Sadovo Solutions before going underground and starting work on the Initiative.

The Decembrist[]

Alan Fitch tells Raymond Reddington that Hobbs and another member named Mitchum can be persuaded to ally with Reddington.

The Longevity Initiative[]

After Powell's research experiments were exposed, Hobbs contracted Red to kill Powell before he could be captured and tell the authorities about Hobbs' projects. Powell eventually killed himself in Red's custody, but Hobbs concluded that Red had made the contract killing look like a suicide due to the media coverage. This level of skill impressed Hobbs and created the debt Red needed.

Vanessa Cruz[]

To repay Reddington for the death of Powell, Hobbs starts discreetly lobbying in his favor before the Cabal takes something to a vote. The 2 of them later meet with fellow Cabal member Kenneth Jasper and seemingly convince him to take their side as well. Later, Hobbs meets with Peter and discovers that Jasper told him about his and Reddington's alliance, moving the vote to an earlier time and in Hobbs' absence. Feeling personally betrayed by Hobbs' deception, especially in light of their personal friendship, the Director tells Hobbs to get into a car outside, be driven to the airport, and then leave the country and never come back. Later, Reddington calls Jasper and says he had told Hobbs to call after the vote had been cast, but since he didn't, he realizes that Hobbs is dead.

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