Ruth Kipling was the founder of the Amnesty Collective and a vigilante.


Ruth Suzanne Kipling was the founder of the Amnesty Collective, a death penalty abolishment movement. After her father was wrongfully convicted, she began to imprison or execute court and police officials who had wrongfully convicted others. Known as “The Judge”, she, aided by a group of accomplices, ran a secret prison yard network where she reviewed prisoner's appeals, using the Collective as a cover to keep tabs on their lives behind bars. She would always let the officials she imprisoned suffer the exact same punishments they had sentenced someone to, be it the number of years served in prison or an execution. Even Raymond Reddington believed her to be a myth.

The JudgeEdit

After Mark Hastings, a federal prosecutor who has been missing for 12 years, suddenly turns up traumatized and mentally broken, Red believes this to be the work of the Judge, a person who adjudicates on convicted prisoners' appeals for justice against the officials who wrongfully convicted them and, if she agrees with their appeal, gives those prosecutors and judges the same punishment they gave the prisoners.

Kipling has contact with Alan Ray Rifkin, the latest prisoner to contact her, by working as his spiritual advisor upon the closing in of his death sentence. After Rifkin dies, she kidnaps Connolly and Harold Cooper, who had beaten Rifkin's confession out of him. As she is about to execute Cooper with a makeshift electric chair, Raymond Reddington enters her prison, bringing new information on Rifkin's case. He gives her a Pentagon file proving that Rifkin was indeed guilty of slaughtering a village with the Taliban (US Army had sent Blackhawk helicopters and recovered a spy; Rifkin and the Taliban slaughtered the village in frustration and retaliation), and convinces Kipling to surrender to the FBI outside.


  • ”If you did your jobs right, I wouldn't have to do mine!”


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