The Scimitar was an assassin and member of The Blacklist.


The Scimitar, whose real name remains unknown, was a notoriously ingenious assassin capable of using terrific feats of deception as part of his murders. Raymond Reddington described him as 2 parts conman, 1 part assassin. In 2009, he killed a Sunni tribal leader after joining his militia and fighting for him for 7 months before finally killing him. One of his known aliases, Walid Abu Sitta, was credited with directing the suicide bomber that killed Shahin Navabi, the brother of Samar Navabi.

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In retaliation for the assassination of Kian Nouri, an Iranian nuclear scientist, carried out in part by Samar, he was hired to kidnap Amalia Collins, a key member of the Cloud Top missile research program.

As he did not initially know her name, he created an elaborate scheme to convince the FBI that one of his own team was a member of the Secret Service assigned to protect Professor Collins, and was under threat of abduction. When Agents Elizabeth Keen and Donald Ressler went to take the man into protective custody, he staged a car accident. Keen and Ressler were apparently taken to Bethesda Naval Hospital for treatment. Whilst there Agent Keen called Harold Cooper and in the course of the call named Professor Collins.

Scimitar successfully abducted Professor Collins, but was prevented from completing the kidnap by Elizabeth Keen, he escaped to his safe house to find Raymond Reddington waiting for him. Red tied him up and shut his mouth with duct tape, then called Samar Navabi. Red left Samar to decide the Scimitar's fate. The Scimitar attempted to morally debate with Samar and failed. Samar shot him and dumped the corpse in the river.

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