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The Seawall Travel Agency was a black market organization of contract assassins that posed as a regular travel agency based in Pennsylvania founded by Edward Knobbs and Mitchell Dunning. The agency worked in the shadows for nearly 30 years, operating through a network of assets, handlers, and assassins disguised as legitimate travel agency employees and would communicate with each other through strict protocols that did not require members to meet in person. In 2002, the agency shut down with no explanation. Among the murders commited by the Seawall Agency were the assassination of a civil rights activist in 1983, the poisoning of an anti-Glasnot Soviet business man in 1987, the murder of a Utah congressman in South Lake City, and the murder of a South African police general in Cape Town, the last 2 carried out by Calvin Dawson. Records kept by Edward Knobbs reveal that the Seawall Agency also commited assassinations in Seville, Rome, Instanbul, Lisbon, Hong Kong, Santiago, Bangkok, Johannesburg, Marrakesh, San Jose, and elsewhere.

Season 5[]

The Travel Agency[]

After assassinations start up again, Raymond Reddington alerts the Task Force that the Travel Agency has apparently been reopened, having been warned by Mitchell David Dunning that someone was after him. As the Task Force investigates, they discover that the victims are actually in fact the Travel Agency's own assassins and support staff. From files recovered from Edward Knobbs' home, the Task Force is able to link the agency to dozens of murders and discovers that Argon Wright, one of its handlers, is the only member left alive. Argon is rescued from assassination and suggests that the killer is one of the assets he was the handler for, but doesn't know the man's real identity.

Through a post office box that Argon points them to, the Task Force identifies the killer as Calvin Dawson, who suffered a traumatic brain injury in 1989. As a result, he has been unable to form new memories since 1989. Tracking down his home, agents Elizabeth Keen and Samar Navabi discover that Dawson's wife Eleanor uncovered his double life after his injury and used her husband's amnesia to deceive him into assassinating everyone connected to the agency. Eleanor explains that while she was in the hospital for a burst appendix, Dawson took their daughters with him on a job and locked them in the car. His target anticipated Dawson's arrival and ambushed him, leading to Dawson's brain injury and the death of their daughters from being locked in the hot car. After 10 years of searching, Eleanor uncovered the truth and targeted the Travel Agency for revenge. At their daughters' graves, Eleanor and Dawson are confronted by an FBI SWAT team, Samar, and Liz. Liz attempts to talk Eleanor down as a fellow mother, but Eleanor kills her husband in revenge anyway, eliminating the last free member of the Travel Agency. Eleanor herself is shot dead immediately afterwards by a SWAT officer.


  • Argon Wright
  • Calvin Dawson
  • Edward Knobbs
  • Mitchell David Dunning


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