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Sebastian Theodore Royce worked for the FBI from 1987 to 1992. During his time at the FBI, he was coerced by Director Lawrence Hackett into performing illegal activities, such as framing targets for crimes they didn’t commit.

As one of his assignments for the FBI, Royce spent 2 months undercover at a casino. The FBI suspected the owner of smuggling, however they had no evidence. Royce was then ordered to frame the owner for tax evasion. Red noted that Royce was always good with numbers. Once the assignment was complete Royce asked for a protective detail to be put on his family. However, for some reason, they didn’t receive the extra protection and his family was killed. It was then that he decided to become a criminal and seek revenge on the FBI.

Using his mathematic skills, he became The Gambler. He used probability to commit crimes. By 1992, he had met Reddington and they committed numerous crimes together.

The Gambler Part 1[]

Royce was shown watching Leon Kiklinski set up the assassination of Ryan Dupont.

He later checked in with Kiklinski as he approached Jake Donovan's apartment.

The Gambler Part 2[]

Sebastian watched both Kiklinski and the FBI response to the bomb in the Governor’s Mansion.

After Kiklinski sped up the timer on the bomb, Royce was contacted by Magnus Dixon a client of his. Dixon stated that he and other clients of Royce’s were upset that Kiklinski wasn’t following the rules of the bet.

Royce then contacted Kiklinski and made him choose a side of a coin. When Kiklinski guessed wrong, Royce electrocuted Kiklinski through his ear piece. 

The Gambler Part 3[]

The Gambler Part 4[]

The Gambler Part 5[]

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. What is his blacklist number? In Part 5 and in the forward of The Blacklist Volume One Royce is referred to as a blacklister.
    1. A: According to the cover of The Blacklist Volume One, Royce is number 148. However, that is the same number as Kiklinski.
    2. A: In Part 2 Reddington says “The Gambler is not one of my Blacklisters”. And he isn't referenced as one in Part 5.
    3. A: This interview with Nicole Phillips explains the number issue with Leon, John, and Sebastian.
    4. A:


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