Shahin Navabi is an assassin and terrorist and member of The Blacklist.


Born in Iran, Shahin and his older sister, Samar Navabi, lost their parents to an Iranian government assassin in 1992 because of their political affiliations. Samar eventually abandoned her country because of what happened to her parents and became an operative of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad. Meanwhile, Shahin became a political activist.

In 2009, he and the Scimitar were responsible for a bombing in Pishin, Iran at a meeting between the opposition leaders and members of the army.

41 people were killed at the bombing and Shahin's blood was found on the scene. With everyone believing that he was dead, Shahin adopted the alias "Zal Bin Hasaan" and became an assassin for Iran, targeting and killing numerous Mossad operatives all over the world.

Nonetheless, under his "Zal Bin Hasaan" persona, Shahin also became an international terrorist, committing attacks all over the world. Among his victims were the partner of Samar, who was killed in 2012 in an explosion in Cairo that hospitalized Samar, a Mossad operative named Avi Lebov, who was killed by a car bomb along with 12 civilians, and 31 people, 14 of them women and children, killed in a synagogue bombing in Buenos Aires.

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  1. What happened after Reddington handed him over to the Venezuelan government?
    1. A: According to the Blacklist in the comics, Shahin was killed.


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