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Silas Gouldsberry is an assassin and a member of The Blacklist.


At the age of 23, Gouldsberry sold an invention he had created to a company and was told that they would use it to change the world. Instead, they used their ownership to withhold it from everyone. Wanting to be around other groundbreaking inventions and to protect them from corporate interests, he took a job at the U.S. Patent Office.

Gouldsberry later started working as an assassin for the Lindquist Concern, a group of corporations working to suppress modern inventions that could undercut their businesses. When they couldn't gain control of the invention, they would kill its inventor instead to keep it from the world. Among their victims were Ian Pugachevsky, who was working on cold fusion and was close to a breakthrough, but was killed and disposed of while hiking, and Karen Rose, who developed a more effective and non-addictive alternative to opiods, but died of a staged overdose before it could go to clinical trials.

However, while Gouldsberry carried out the hits the concern assigned him, he also started hoarding information about the actual inventions they were working on, planning to release them to open source platforms where the whole world would be able to access them.

Season 4[]

The Lindquist Concern[]


  • Gouldsberry's actions were motivated by his disdain for corporate censorship. Yet, the murders he committed were of people like himself: misunderstood, publicly underachieving, but secretly brilliant inventors. He became the person he set out to destroy.
  • The total amount of data that Gouldsberry stole from inventors is unknown, but when calculated based on a typical 100 megabit per second upload speed and the total time it took for his open-source upload to complete, roughly 28 minutes, it rounds to about 20 gigabyte of data.


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