The Silent Partner is a character in “The Blacklist: Conspiracy”.


The Silent Partner was an economic terrorist that specialized in pharmaceutical companies.

Raymond Reddington believed that the Silent Partner was somehow associated with Gina Zanetakos, but he could never prove it.

Due to her targeting of veterans and Red's naval career, she became one of Reddington's most hated enemies.

The Silent PartnerEdit

She was hired by Dan Starkweather, the CEO of Warrior Pharmaceuticals' competitor, in order to obtain a 1,000,000,000 dollar government contract.

She infiltrated Warrior Pharmaceuticals as Karen Sosa. She then tampered with their PTSD medication, so that it would make the recipients paranoid.

After she tried to frame Adam Haines, a recipient of the posttraumatic stress disorder medication, for a suicide bombing in a tunnel, Reddington suspected that she was behind the bombing.

As the FBI closed in on her she attempted to use an airborne version of the tainted PTSD medication on Warrior Pharmaceuticals' employees and patients by using the ventilation system. Her plan to spread the medication and transmit a message that would make the people infected with paranoia kill each other was stopped by the FBI. Aram Mojtabai was able to jam her transmission and close the ventilation system so there was less exposure.

Before the FBI SWAT team was able to find her, Dembe Zuma grabbed her and took her to Reddington on his plane. There, she signed over her share of Starkweather stocks to Reddington for safe transport.


Her status is dependent on the agent's decision. Choosing Reddington, Red would dump her in the Atlantic from his private plane. Choosing the FBI, the FBI would stop Red and arrest her.


  • In "Gina Zanetakos" when Red is telling Liz about corporate terrorists, he mentions a case in Chicago in 1982 where 7 people were killed by an over the counter medicine that was laced with potassium cyanide. It is possible this was a reference to the Silent Partner.
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