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Susan Scott Hargrave is a private intelligence contractor and member of The Blacklist and a protagonist in the NBC series “The Blacklist: Redemption”.


Hargrave, often addressed as “Scottie”, and her husband, Howard, are the owners of Halcyon Aegis, a private military intelligence firm that deals with situations that violate official American foreign policy on behalf of private clients. They had a son together, Christopher, who disappeared without a trace at the age of 3. While they are still legally married and own the company together, they barely see each other in person and, according to Scottie, are rarely even in the same nation at the same time.

Season 3[]

The Artax Network[]

Scottie is caught on camera talking to Cynthia Panabaker and Benjamin Stadler, initially leading Tom to believe her to be Katarina Rostova.

Susan Hargrave[]

Alexander Kirk[]

In a race against the clock to find Kirk who ordered the attack on Elizabeth the task force and the Hargrave syndicate team up to get to Kirk. During that episode Scottie shares a bit of her story about her life and hints at the loss of her own child. Later Tom Keen runs wild after the attempted attack on Agnes and Red tells him the truth about Susan Hargrave, he then realizes that she is his mother.


Leland Bray[]

Kevin Jensen[]

Independence, U.S.A.[]

Operation Davenport[]

Borealis 301[]



Whitehall: Conclusion[]

Season 5[]


Following Tom‘s death, Liz retreats to Alaska and leaves Agnes Keen in Scottie‘s care.

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. Does she know Tom is her son?
    1. A: Yes.


  • The name Halcyon Aegis is ironic since it literally translates to “peaceful shield” and their operations create controlled chaos.


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