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Sutton Ross was a notorious corporate spy who made a name for himself in the 1980s for stealing research on behalf of foreign companies and nation-states. Ross stole plans for a stealth fighter called Grayscape Seventeen for China, but unknown to him, the United States Navy made sure he stole the schematics for a defective fighter that did not fly. When the plane crashed, China blamed Ross for the disaster and turned him over to the American government, which issued a warrant for his arrest, forcing him to disappear. Ian Garvey, the US Marshal assigned to his capture, protected Ross instead of turning him in. Ross blamed Raymond Reddington for the incident that almost cost him his career and freedom and has been seeking revenge ever since.

Season 5[]

Lawrence Dane Devlin[]

Ross is seen meeting with Ian Garvey.

Sutton Ross[]

Ross kidnaps Liz in an effort to force Reddington to reveal the truth about the bag of bones. Liz is eventually rescued by the FBI and Ross is killed by Reddington as he leaves with the bones.

Later, Liz reveals to a hallucination of Tom Keen that she and Ross were working together to expose the truth about the duffel bag. Ross also brought in Jennifer Reddington to help show Liz the truth that so many people have died trying to reveal: the duffel bag contains the bones of the real Raymond Reddington. The man Liz knows as Reddington is in fact an unknown impostor who assumed his identity. With Ross' death, the impostor believes his secret to be safe once again, not knowing that Ross had already revealed the truth to Liz.



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