T. Earl King VI” is the fourteenth episode of Season 2 of The Blacklist and the thirty sixth episode overall. It aired on March 5, 2015 on NBC.


Press ReleaseEdit

REDDINGTON FALLS INTO HOSTILE TERRITORY WHEN HE ENCOUNTERS A DANGEROUS FAMILY - A former paramour involves Reddington in a deadly game with a wealthy, powerful family dynasty whose ill-begotten fortune was amassed from an underground auction of human and material contraband. Meanwhile, Tom takes on a new mission.

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  • 94

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  1. Does anyone in the Department of Justice still care about justice?
    1. Red has control of the task force.
      1. A: Red does not have full control of the task force, but he is the reason they exist at all. In the end, they are putting away high-value criminals, even if Reddington profits from it in some way.
    2. All members of the task force have committed and/or aided a felony.
    3. The Cabal has members in the command structure.
    4. Diane Fowler worked with/for Fitch.
    5. Reven Wright has obstructed the task force by imposing political restrictions.
      1. A: While her methods may seem heavy handed, high handed, and amoral/immoral, she genuinely cares about justice, just in a way that doesn't damage the reputation of the FBI or CIA which is why she considers the political ramifications.
    6. Thomas Connolly has used his position to break the law.
  2. King family
    1. The Russian roulette inheritance tactic is similar to the “Friday the 13th: The Series” episode “Tattoo”.
    2. Why did the King family use old and/or obsolete techniques? There was the straight razor, the instant camera, the instant film, and the handwritten cursive penmanship of the ledger.
      1. A: The straight razor is to get the closest possible shave. This is commonplace for auctions to make the item looking to be sold as appealing as possible. The instant camera and ledger are to keep the operation as hidden as possible. If the images and ledger was kept on a server the documents could be accessed by a skilled hacker (e.g. Ivan). The curvsive penmanship is possibly tradition or a method of keeping in line with the rest of the ledger where the first entry would be the neater cursive rather than other writing styles.
    3. Why did the King family maintain the auction for over 200 years? Was it the money or family tradition?
      1. A: According to both sons, it's both. Each wants to carry on the legacy and they are rivals over the family fortune. As explained by Red, the Kings are very greedy and let money cloud their judgement, especially Earl.
    4. What did the King family do when Russian roulette was not viable?
      1. A: Possibly used the drinking version, but with poison instead of vodka.
    5. What did the King family do when the children obtained equal levels of profit from an auction?
    6. Why was T. Earl King IV allowed to live after suffering such injuries? That level of failure showed that T. Earl King IV was capable of making self-destructive investments which would threaten the King family.
      1. A: Earl is the head of the King dynasty and his auction has remained successful for 200 years. Anyone who would question would most likely be killed for trying to stand against him.
    7. What does the “T.” stand for?
    8. What will be the fallout from the arrests? The FBI arrested the criminals, recovered the ledger, and seized the evidence.
    9. The King sons can tell the prosecutor and/or FBI that Keen and Red know each other.
      1. A: It's not relevant to the defense, and the FBI would see to it that it was either declared inadmissible and struck from the record.
    10. Why did the Harleston Read Hotel elevator attendant ask for Keen’s jewelry?
      1. A: In case it was bugged or could be used as a weapon, perhaps.
    11. Was Keen stripped and searched while unconscious? When she awoke she was in her lingerie.
      1. A: To insure that her clothes weren't bugged and she had no weapons on her.
    12. Why was a motorcycle part of the auction?
      1. A: It was a vintage military motorcycle, valuable to collectors.
    13. What was the deal in Bolivia? For the military to get involved implies that it was a direct threat to the government.
    14. What happened in Bolivia? Why did T. Earl King VI refuse to abandon the investment? Red abandoned his investment.
      1. A: Probably because at that time he was not the family patriarch, but was vying to win the inheritance game, just as his sons are now. If he'd abandoned the investment, he'd risk losing, and the King legacy doesn't go to the loser. Nor, as we have seen, life itself.
  3. Vincent Peretti
    1. Since the FBI captured Vincent Peretti, they can use him to ensure that the father turns state's evidence.
    2. Why was Vincent Peretti not in protective custody?
      1. A: He probably was, but considering the King's reach, they most likely were still able to kidnap him regardless. After all, they were able to kidnap Red who was off the radar and chased by the FBI for 20 years.
  4. Elizabeth Keen
    1. Keen is now an accessory to 2 murders. She did not protest or attempt to stop Red from killing T. Earl King VI. She did not mention the murder in the car after the raid.
    2. Why did Keen fail to research the history of Alexi Koskov’s contact, Josephine Sullivan? She should have prepared for a worst case scenario and failed the question about the Ivy League.
      1. A: The question was obviously a colloquial one that only students would be able to answer, about a student nickname for a form of transportation. It wouldn't make sense to ask a question that could be determined via formal research, since he is trying to confirm she really went to Princeton. It's obvious that Keen did research Josephine since she managed to name both her schools.
    3. Why has Keen not changed her phone number?
    4. Why is Keen still living at the motel?
      1. A: Pride
    5. Is Keen attempting to break and/or equalize her dependency on Red?
      1. A: She is holding a grudge against Red believing he only wants her around because she has the Fulcrum.
  5. Raymond Reddington
    1. How large is Red's syndicate? The auctioneer stated it was one of the largest in the black market.
    2. What is Red’s value to the black market?
    3. Red's Blacklist targets are alternating between the competition and people he despises for moral reasons.
      1. A: That's been the deal since the pilot. The task force is fully aware that Reddington is somehow connected one way or another to his Blacklist, but because they are extremely dangerous and a danger to society and human life, they look past it in order to capture or neutralize them.
    4. Did Red sense that Keen was nearby or was it his last words?
    5. Did the King's remove Red's tracker chip?
      1. A: Seeing as they never brought up how he was “caught” the last time, it's unlikely they considered it and just took him as-is.
  6. Donald Ressler and Samar Navabi
    1. Why did Ressler and Samar search for Keen at the hotel? It would have alerted the King employee.
    2. Will Ressler and Samar confront Cooper over his order to leave him alone with the King hotel employee?
  7. Harold Cooper
    1. Cooper’s threat to kill the hotel employee is similar to the “Space: Above and Beyond” episodes “Never No More, Part 1” and “The Angriest Angel, Part 2”.
    2. Is the clinical trial working? Cooper said the tumor would kill him in weeks.
      1. A: First, he was probably bluffing. Second, it's too soon to determine whether the clinical trial is working.
    3. Why did Cooper need Connolly’s help in getting access to the file of Silvio Haratz?
      1. A: Because it was flagged, and would set off alerts if they accessed it directly, as Aram pointed out.
    4. Why did Reven Wright mention the CEO med-tech company fraud to Cooper? Does she suspect him?
      1. A: Probably not, it was on her mind because it had been a bad day for her.
    5. Why was Cooper dismayed when he learned that the med-tech CEO had fled? Giving the information was illegal and Cooper threatened to kill the hotel employee.
      1. A: Because Cooper helped a criminal escape justice and he is ashamed at himself since his primary purpose is to catch criminals. He also didn't know it would affect Reven directly.
    6. Why did Cooper tell Connolly the information about the indictment? Was is to repay the debt or protect the task force from retaliation?
      1. A: Cooper and Connolly are old friends and Connolly is now Cooper's boss as the new attorney general. It's most likely he felt he could trust Connolly with that information.
  8. Thomas Connolly
    1. Why did Connolly need Cooper’s help? Why was he unable to learn the time of the indictment?
      1. A: He didn't need Cooper's help, he did it so that he would have blackmail material on Cooper.
    2. Connolly’s request was also a threat, he used his influence for Cooper and the med-tech CEO facing the fraud indictment.
  9. Madeline Pratt
    1. Why did Pratt want revenge for “Madeline Pratt”? In that episode her revenge was stealing the painting. She knew that Red’s buyer would certainly torture and/or kill him.
    2. Why was Pratt certain that Red would attempt to rescue her?
      1. A: She probably expected he would figure out the Kings had gotten her and he would want to go after them.
  10. Yaabari
    1. Why was Yaabari angry over the losses he suffered in “Lord Baltimore”? He should know the risks of being a warlord.
      1. A: He lost “face” in front of his group, and the only way to regain his lost status would be by killing the person who humiliated him.
    2. Was Red’s “moving up in the world” statement accurate? Had Yaabari achieved more prominence and/or social status in the black market?
      1. A: The fact that he was at the auction was “moving up in the world”.
    3. What did Red do to Yaabari’s employer that he offered a 40,000,000 dollar bounty?
  11. Tom Keen
    1. Does Tom love Liz? He called and gave her the undercover advice.
      1. A: Possible.
    2. Why was Tom desperate for a new assignment?
      1. A: He has been an undercover agent for a long time and it's the only life he knows. It's more than likely he wanted to get some semblance of familiarity so he can go back to how he was.
    3. What is Tom’s new assignment in Germany? The tattoos read “Deutschland für die Deutschen” (“Germany for the Germans”) and there were Schutzstaffel (SS) bolts.
      1. A: He has to infiltrate a white supreme power / neo-Nazi organization, or at least the neo-Nazi bar where he gets into the fight and meets his target.
    4. Are the tattoos removable? They need to be for an assignment where tattoos are not required.
      1. A: He will either have to cover them up with makeup or get them laser removed or tattooed over somehow. But another question is how he can make fresh tattoos not look obviously new. They take a while to settle in and not look new. Unless he can come up with a reasonable cover that he recently “converted” to Nazism.
      2. A: Given how young Tom looks, it's not unreasonable to think he was a new convert. Also some people don't care how old or new your tattoos look, just what they represent. Seeing as they clearly were of Neo-Nazi representation, I doubt any of them cared they were fresh.
  12. What does K&R mean?
    1. A: Kidnap and ransom insurance
  13. What happened to Dembe?
    1. A: He was found unconscious by the FBI.

Slanders on the FBIEdit

  1. Why did the Department of Corrections (D.O.C.) disobey Cooper’s no-contact order?
    1. A: Hanlon's razor: The law and its variants state: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”.
  2. Why did the FBI not make a silent approach to the King mansion? The criminals there would have heard the sirens and escaped.


Main starEdit

Guest starEdit

  • Jennifer Ehle as Madeline Pratt
  • Hisham Tawfiq as Dembe Zuma
  • Reed Birney as Thomas Connolly
  • Adriane Lenox as Reven Wright
  • Sahr Ngaujah as General Yaabari
  • Erik Jensen as Francis King
  • Alex Manette as Tyler King
  • David Patrick Kelly as Heinrich Gerst
  • Matthew Miniero as Vincent Peretti
  • T. Ryder Smith as Rene Valmont
  • Michael Abbott, Jr. as The Auctioneer
  • Steve Routman as Handler
  • Lance Henriksen as Major
  • Jeffrey DeMunn as Earl King


  • Emily Nicole Hansen as Josephine Sullivan
  • Michael Patrick Lane as Concierge
  • Michael C. Brennan as Head Guard
  • Jeremy Parise as Guard #1
  • Aleksander Mici as Beast
  • Briana Pozner as Girl in Bar
  • Ami Sheth as Attendant
  • Dominic Marcus as Quiet Man
  • Eliud Kauffman as Santos


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