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Teddy Brimley is an interrogator.


Theodore "Teddy" Brimley is a professional interrogator that has been working for Raymond Reddington for 19 years, extracting crucial information from key individuals for Red through the use of several unique and unconventional torture methods. Brimley's most distinctive trait is that he uses an oxygen cylinder because he suffers from several medical conditions, including hypoxemia, congestive heart failure, diabetes, and asthma. Brimley was arrested and served a prison sentence in Lompoc, California. Teddy uses several animals in his work, including a snake, a llama, a goat, and a badger.

Season 1[]

The Cyprus Agency[]

Brimley is first introduced as the man who just finished interrogating Meera Malik for her role in the attack on the Post Office. Brimley tells Reddington that while she may be a mole, she is clean, indicating someone else used her to get the information to Anslo Garrick.

Season 2[]

The Decembrist[]

Brimley is seen interrogating a man with loud music for information on the Decembrist. Brimley firmly tells Reddington that he won't talk but Reddington tells him to keep pushing him and Brimley tells Reddington he is going to need lunch.


Brimley exits the room of a man hung upside down who is screaming in pain, telling Reddington he probably doesn't know anything. Reddington isn't convinced, so Brimley continues to torture him while asking for more supplies to continue his work. Reddington tells Elizabeth that the man is a Cabal operative working as an aide to the Russian consulate who gave Karakurt money upon entering the country. Reddington is eventually proven right: Brimley gets Karakurt's address from the aide and gives it to Reddington.

Season 3[]

Zal Bin Hasaan[]

After capturing the man claiming to be Zal Bin Hassan, Reddington calls Brimley to interrogate him, suspecting he isn't Hassan. After torturing the man with a blowtorch, Brimley tells Reddington that the man isn't Hassan and lets Reddington enter the room so he can interrogate him personally.

Lady Ambrosia[]

Season 4[]

Miles McGrath[]

The Lindquist Concern[]

Mr. Kaplan[]

Season 5[]

Anna-Gracia Duerte[]

Lawrence Dane Devlin[]

Sutton Ross[]

Season 6[]

Robert Vesco[]

The Osterman Umbrella Company[]

Guillermo Rizal[]

Season 7[]

Dr. Lewis Powell[]

Gordon Kemp[]

Kazanjian brothers[]

Season 8[]

Godwin Page[]

Teddy and his wife Edna torture Godwin Page for the whereabouts of Neville Townsend at a farmhouse.



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