Tetsuya Hiraoka is a character in “The Blacklist: Conspiracy”.


At some point Tetsuya wanted to do business with Raymond Reddington, but Reddington refused.

He was disowned by his brother and removed from his ownership of his brother's shipping and smuggling company. He then disappeared for 2 years and returned as a poet. During his missing 2 years, he joined the Yakuza.

At some point Tetsuya practiced yubitsume, the act of self-mutilation where a yakuza member removes the tip of their pinky to atone for a shameful act. After the act, he wore a prosthetic pinky.

He was also contracted by the Wraith to smuggle chemicals into the United States.

The Hiraoka CurseEdit

The Talent AgentEdit

While not explicitly revealed, the agent learns that the Wraith hired Tetsuya to smuggle chemicals into California, where they would be received by Marcus Tucker.



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