"The Architect" is the fourteenth episode of Season 4 of The Blacklist and the eighty-first episode overall.


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Aram goes undercover as a hacker in order to identify a notorious criminal who, for a price, will design, construct and execute the perfect crime. Tom expands his search for missing details about his childhood, while Red takes action to locate the source of his compromised business operations.

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  • 107

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  1. Raymond Reddington
    1. Who is Red’s enemy?
      1. A: It could be Kathryn Nemec in an attempt to get revenge after what Red has done to her.
    2. Why did Red not deliver Judith Pruitt to the Post Office in person?
    3. Why did Red not know that Dembe Zuma spoke Italian?
      1. A: Actually, Dembe can only speak 1 word of Italian. That was a joke in that scene.
    4. How did Red identify Lonnie Perkins as the target?
    5. How does Red define a “super criminal”?
  2. Architect
    1. The Architect did not plan the perfect crime. As stated in “Velocity Trap”, the perfect crime is a crime where nobody knows a crime has been committed.
    2. Why did the Architect need the kinetic energy penetrator? Why not a missile launcher or rocket launcher?
    3. Where did the Architect get the kinetic energy penetrator?
      1. A: It was stolen from the hijacked convoy.
    4. What did the Architect indeed to do with the kinetic energy penetrator if the escape had succeeded?
    5. Was the kinetic energy penetrator a government project?
    6. If warden McCaslin had not released Lonnie Perkins, then the kinetic energy penetrator would have killed him. The Architect was hired to ensure that Lonnie Perkins escaped.
    7. Why did the Architect raid the Blass Mass 13 convention? He organized it.
    8. Why did the Architect need the contest winner? Why not the other hackers who successfully completed the challenge but lost? Was time a restriction?
    9. What was the significance of the compass tattoo on the neck? Was it related to the use of the pocket watch?
  3. Donald Ressler
    1. Why was Ressler given the files on Reven Wright?
      1. A: It was part of a deal between him and Janet. In exchange for Ressler letting her go, Janet supplied him files of Wright's disappearance.
      2. Q: Janet had signed an immunity deal with the National Security Agency. Therefore, Ressler would be required to release her.
    2. Ressler’s refusal to stop the Reven Wright investigation runs the risk of leading him into a rogue investigation.
    3. Why did Ressler break the box? He should have taken it to the Post Office so it could be analyzed.
  4. Aram Mojtabai
    1. Why was Aram amazed that the National Security Agency recruited Janet?
    2. Why did Aram refuse to help the Architect? He should have played along until the right time.
    3. What did Aram mean by "CP"?
      1. A: "CP" is internet slang for "Child Pornography".
  5. Harold Cooper
    1. Why is Cooper being subjected to more pressure from the Department of Justice? Is the Cabal responsible?
      1. A. Yes, most of the members who work for the department of Justice are Cabal members. In turn they are putting more pressure on Cooper because Red and Ressler are becoming problems themselves.
    2. Was the investigation of the Reven Wright case shut down because of a lack of evidence or Cabal involvement?
      1. A: Possibly the Cabal's involvement to protect Laurel Hitchin. They are putting more pressure on Cooper not only because of Red but also Ressler has continued his efforts to investigate Wright's disappearance.
    3. Cooper showed no hope of convicting Laurel Hitchin of the murder of Reven Wright. His failure to mention Diane Fowler implies that he has accepted the Cabal's cover-up.
    4. Why was Cooper not informed of the convoy hijacking and the theft of the kinetic energy penetrator?
  6. Tom Keen
    1. Why was Tom kidnapped and declared dead?
  7. Black Mass 13
    1. How many of the other hackers were arrested?
    2. How many of the other hackers will be recruited like Janet?
    3. Why would hackers be unwilling to work together for a large-scale hacking operation?
    4. The Black Mass 13 scavenger hunt had the following problems.
      1. An unaware hacker might have decoded the clues.
      2. The barcode might have been damaged or removed.
      3. Somebody might have asked for the penny candy because they thought it was real candy.
      4. Why use a plastic box for the challenge? Somebody other than Ressler would also think to break the box.
  8. Janet Sutherland
    1. What was Janet’s mission for the National Security Agency?
    2. What were the 2 other agencies that competed for Janet’s employment?
    3. Was Harrison Lee offered the same deal as Janet?
  9. Lonnie Perkins
    1. Who intercepted and arrested Lonnie?
    2. Why did the Aryan Revolutionary Council need Lonnie?
    3. What was the map that Lonnie was given?

Slanders on the FBI and prison systemEdit

  1. Why was there no SWAT team present when Samar and Ressler intercepted the Architect?
  2. How did the Architect escape the Black Mass 13 building?
  3. Why did the Greenville prison security search fail to discover the map in the Bible?
  4. Why did the Greenville prison have no manual overrides in the event that the electronic systems failed?


Main starEdit

Guest starEdit


  • Matthew McCurdy as Shooter
  • Brian Nemiroff as Abductor
  • Sal Rendino as Warden McCaslin
  • Michael Markiewicz as Lonnie Perkins
  • Sathya Sridharan as Bigsie Patel
  • A.J. Shively as Randolf
  • Larry Paulsen as Minister Dawkens
  • Serge Didenko as Russian
  • Gonzalo Vargas as Colombian
  • Barrett Martin as Agent
  • Kohler McKenzie as Sierra #1
  • Patrick Cann as Sierra #2
  • Jon Freda as Polpetto
  • Deantre Williams as Prison Guard
  • Matthew Streeter as Prison Guard #2
  • Mark McKinnon as Guard One
  • Peter Romano as Guard Two


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