Most if not all of the blacklisters are connected. At first it was believed that they were all somehow connected to Berlin. However, while some of them were connected to Berlin, Berlin was not the true enemy behind the blacklist. The Cabal, or the mysterious organization that wants Reddington eliminated, seems to be the true enemy. After Reddington won his war with the Cabal however, the blacklisters start being connected to various people connected to Elizabeth's past as Masha Rostova.

This page is meant to show how the blacklisters are connected to Reddington’s war against the Cabal and various other players. All of the blacklisters are connected to the wars since Reddington needs to continue giving up names to the FBI to stay under their protection. However some blacklisters are more involved in the conflicts than others.



  • Ivan (No. 88) - Reddington went after him for 5,000,000 dollars he owed him. By getting his money back plus 3,000,000 dollars interest, Reddington could grow his syndicate’s power to fight his enemies.
  • James Covington (No. 89) - he would have been hired to to perform surgery on one of Reddington's rivals, a man in charge of an Indonesian port, but was arrested before hand, thus allowing Reddington to put one of his allies in his place.
  • Ruslan Denisov (No. 67) - Reddington strengthened his alliance with Ruslan by helping remove Anneca Oil for poisoning his people and giving him a corrupt military officer chasing Denisov. Reddington then replaced Anneca with Savillion, growing his syndicate’s power.
  • Vanessa Anne Cruz (No. 117) - contacted by Mr. Kaplan to recruit her on Reddington's behalf.
  • Cardinal Richards, leader of The Vehm (No. 132) - Reddington learned he was having money launderers killed, including his associate Edward Weston. After he was killed, Reddington assimilated his money laundering operations into his syndicate, growing its power to further Elizabeth's protection.
  • Joe Putnum A.K.A. Smokey Putnam (No. 30) - captured Putnam to turn him over to the bailbondsman for 40,000 dollars and arranged for him and his ex-girlfriend, Heddie Hawkins, to be freed from custody using that same money and recruited both into his syndicate.
  • Seawall Travel Agency A.K.A. The Travel Agency (No. 90) - a former member, Mitchell Dunning, contacted Reddington to help him disappear after other members were murdered. Because Reddington's resources were depleted after Kaplan's war, Reddington told the FBI, hoping they could protect him.
  • Colin Kilgannon, head of the Kilgannon Corporation (No. 48) - During Reddington's war with Kaplan, she destroyed his human smuggling business and the Kilgannons took over. After the organization was dismantled, Reddington took the people they were smuggling inhumanly and took back his operation.
  • Thomas Owen Wattles A.K.A. The Cook (No. 56) - Reddington suggested using imprisoned arsonist, Earl Fagen, as a consultant to find Wattles, if they speak favorably at his parole hearing. After Fagen is released, Reddington recruited him into his syndicate.
  • Raleigh Sinclair III A.K.A. The Alibi (No. 51) - recruited into Reddington's syndicate in exchange for Sinclair's client list. Sinclair later made Anthony Pagliaro look exactly like Garvey so Anthony would kill his boss, Mosadek, after they planned to kill Reddington, to put Garvey on the run from both police and the Nash Syndicate and be forced to turn over the duffel bag for Reddington's protection.
  • Alter Ego (No. 131) - Reddington wanted to know why his associate, Harris Van Ness, was killed. It is revealed that actors killed him so they could inherit his fortune through his son, Timothy Peterson. Dembe recruited Timothy into Reddington's syndicate, enabling him to maintain his syndicate while in prison.


  • The Freelancer (No. 145) - hired by Reddington to kill Floriana Campo, the head of the Eberhardt Cartel who bought Dembe from the Mombassa Cartel, and then abused him, before leaving him to die of starvation or dehydration.
  • Milton Bobbit A.K.A. The Undertaker (No. 135) - after Bobbit’s suicide and the FBI seized his client list, Reddington was looking through the list but the purpose was not revealed.
  • Geoff Perl, head of the Mombasa Cartel (No. 114) - Reddington wanted revenge for him ordering the murder of Dembe’s family after his father identified several members of the Mombasa Cartel to the authorities and selling Dembe to the Eberhardt Cartel.
  • Gregory Devry (No. 95) - hired by Reddington to help frame Marcus Caliguiri, who had Mr. Kaplan's team of cleaners killed, as an informant after the other Shell Island Retreat members suspected Reddington of being one at Caliguiri's prompting.
  • Alistair Pitt A.K.A. The Promnestria (No. 103) - Reddington wanted revenge for him arranging the abusive marriage of Josephine Muliere, a woman Reddington fell in love with, which led to her murder at her husband's hands.
  • Albert Janus A.K.A. The Caretaker (No. 78) - Reddington wanted his ledger in order to locate a secret that he gave to the Caretaker. He wanted to destroy the secret before Elizabeth or the FBI could find it.
  • Nirah Ahmad A.K.A. The Endling (No. 44) - Reddington gave the FBI the case because even he considered her crimes reprehensible.
  • Spalding Stark A.K.A. The Pharmacist (No. 124) - hired by Reddington to run clinic trials for an unknown illness Reddington seemingly has. Reddington was concerned Dr. Stark was a charlatan when 5 of his patients end up dead until it was discovered his work was sabotaged by his partner, Dr. Ethan Webb.
  • Delaine Uhlman and Rod Uhlman A.K.A. The Pawnbrokers (No. 146/147) - Reddington wanted the FBI to raid their warehouse and find Ziggy and Tip Chapman's stolen property, clearing Alfonse Baldomero, who tried to kill Reddington in prison for sleeping with his mother, of murder and was himself killed after being released on Anunzio Ross' orders after Reddington tipped Ross off.
  • Robert Vesco (No. 9) - Reddington's mentor who taught him to run from the law until Vesco conned Reddington out of all his money. Vesco managed to con Reddington into helping him steal the De La Cruz treasure and fled with it, leaving him high and dry again.
  • Kimberly Owens A.K.A. The Brockton College Killer (No. 92) - suspected the framed killer, Tobias Carlyle, hired a contract killer to ensure his release until the real killer was discovered.
  • Gordon Kemp (No. 158) - Reddington wanted revenge for the murder of Sofia Salgado, who Reddington had a chance encounter with, who was killed by Edward Martell using one of the guns his company manufactures and he personally doesn’t care who buys them as long as he profits and destroys the reputation of those killed by them.

Madeline PrattEdit

  • Madeline Pratt (No. 73) - has a cat and mouse relationship with Reddington. She constantly tries to outdo Reddington. Conned Reddington into helping her steal an effigy containing coordinates for Russian nuclear weapons until Reddington tricked her into handing them over to him.
  • T. Earl King VI, head of the King Family (No. 94) - helped Madeline Pratt get revenge on Reddington for tricking her into revealing the nuke coordinates by kidnapping him and attempting to sell him at one of their auctions.

Antique PennyEdit

  • Greyson Blaise (No. 37) - arranged to go into business with him to restore his criminal reputation. After Blaise was arrested Reddington stole a penny in Blaise's possession.
  • Abraham Stern (No. 100) - stole the penny from Reddington, which was a key to a missing fortune hidden by Stern's father. Reddington stole the fortune after Stern found it, growing his syndicate’s power. After the penny was returned to Reddington he used it to buy Winston Churchill's hat.

Byzantine Nesting CasketsEdit

  • Victoria Fenberg (No. 137) - Reddington found out the nesting casket he had is a forgery she made. Reddington found Fenberg to get the location of the actual casket while also recruiting her into his syndicate.
  • Cornelius Ruck (No. 155) - hired by the Turkish government to retrieve a microdot on one of the 6 caskets containing the names of Turkish assets in the American government and kill all the thieves, including Reddington.


  • Peter Kotsiopulos A.K.A. The Director (No. 24) - leader of the Cabal, who masterminded the plan to frame Elizabeth for the OREA bombing, killing 14 CIA agents, the murder of senator Clifford Hawkins and exposed her identity as Masha Rostova. After Elizabeth was exonerated and Peter was killed, Reddington was made a member of the Cabal.
  • Alan Fitch A.K.A. The Decembrist (No. 12) - chairman of the Cabal Committee, who orchestrated Reddington’s war with Berlin and framed the real Reddington for treason and mass murder through Katarina Rostova. Before dying, Fitch gave Reddington Hobbs' name as a potential ally and the location of a safe containing Caul's phone number.
  • Roger Hobbs, head of the Longevity Initiative (No. 97) - after Reddington helped him, he became Reddington's ally and inside man to try and stop the Cabal’s plan. Reddington also wanted Julian Powell's research in order to access Elizabeth's locked memories.
  • Thomas Connolly (No. 11) - manipulated and blackmailed Cooper into doing favors for the Cabal. Kept tabs on the Reddington Taskforce. Helped frame Elizabeth for the assassination of a US senator who was murdered by Leo Andropov.

Cabal AgentsEdit

  • Stanley Kornish A.K.A. The Stewmaker (No. 161) - hired by Fitch to help with the disappearance of Berlin’s daughter.
  • Anslo Garrick (No. 16) - hired by Fitch to retrieve Reddington from the Post Office.
  • Luther Braxton (No. 21) - hired by the Director to gain information about the Fulcrum.
  • Quon Zhang (No. 87) - hired by the Cabal to smuggle bombs into Taiwan and China and to smuggle Karakurt into the United States.
  • Karakurt (No. 55) - hired by the Cabal to bomb the OREA base and frame Elizabeth for that and the assassination of a US senator.
  • Eli Matchett (No. 72) - hired by Susan Hanover, CTO of Verdiant, to infect the world’s food supply so Verdiant could make money when they released new crops looking like heroes, which was foiled.
  • Nasim Bakhash A.K.A. The Djinn (No. 43) - Reddington knew 2 Cabal members used her services and took a page from her client journal which contained information on them. Reddington also recruited Alice, the Djinn's assistant and face of her operations, into his syndicate.


  • Maddox Beck, head of the Front (No. 74) - had possession of the key to the Fulcrum’s decryption machine.
  • Justin Kenyon, head of the Kenyon Family (No. 71) - had possession of the Fulcrum’s decryption machine.
  • Tracy Solobotkin A.K.A. The Deer Hunter (No. 93) - Reddington and Elizabeth made a deal: Reddington would help catch The Deer Hunter and she would tell Reddington about the Fulcrum.
  • Joesph McCray A.K.A. Leonard Caul (No. 62) - a former Cabal operative who helped create the Fulcrum and helped Elizabeth decrypt it. After using the Fulcrum to get the Cabal to back off, Reddington recruited him into his syndicate.

Exonerate ElizabethEdit

  • Bo Chang A.K.A. The Troll Farmer (No. 38) - hired by Reddington to manipulate media and footage in an attempt to smuggle Elizabeth and himself out of the city during the manhunt for them.
  • Marvin Gerard (No. 80) - broken out of jail by Reddington to formulate a plan to take on the Cabal and exonerate Elizabeth. After they all escaped, Reddington recruited him into his syndicate.
  • Blair A.K.A. Arioch Cain (No. 50) - she put a bounty on Elizabeth because she believed Elizabeth was responsible for her mother’s death in the OREA bombing.
  • Crispin Crandall (No. 86) - had possession of Andras Halmi's body, the Director’s adviser. Reddington wanted Halmi’s thumbs to open the Director's safe, containing money he skimmed from the Cabal and planned to run away with after the Fulcrum was released. This also allowed Reddington to supplement the Director's millions into his syndicate, growing its power.
  • Shahin Navabi A.K.A. Zal Bin Hasaan (No. 31) - Samar's brother who was thought to have been killed by terrorist named Hassan. It is revealed Shahin is Hassan and has killed hundreds, including Samar’s partner. Reddington captured and gave him to the Venezuelan government to aid in clearing Elizabeth's name.
  • The Kings of the Highway (No. 108) - They attempt to kidnap Reddington and Elizabeth and turn them over to the authorities to collect the bounty on their heads.


  • Milos Kirchoff A.K.A. Berlin (No. 8) - started a war with Reddington, believing he both framed Berlin for a bombing and killed his daughter. In reality, Alan Fitch ordered the bombing and faked his daughter's death.
  • The Kingmaker (No. 42) - hired by Berlin to frame Emil Dusek, a member of the Czech parliament and an ally of Red, for murder and remove him from office. Reddington wanted him captured so that he could be interrogated for information on Berlin.
  • Nora Mills A.K.A. Lord Baltimore (No. 104) - hired by Berlin to find Naomi Hyland and thus have leverage over Reddington.
  • Monarch Douglas Bank (No. 112) - a bank that handles Berlin’s accounts and funds, which Reddington used as leverage to get Naomi back.

Tom KeenEdit

  • Christopher Hargrave A.K.A. Tom Keen (No. 7) - an agent of the Major that was hired by Reddington and later betrayed him to work for Berlin to spy on Elizabeth. Betrayed everyone to protect Elizabeth and even killed a cop to make sure he didn't incriminate her.
  • The Major (No. 75) - leader of a ring of black market spies who gave Tom the job to spy on Elizabeth for Reddington before switching to Berlin when he offered twice as much money.
  • Ranko Zamani (No. 52) - brought into the United States by Reddington to prove that he could provide intelligence on dangerous criminals for FBI protection. Reddington had him attack Tom and plant blood on the carpet over the secret compartment where Tom kept his box of passports and a gun. The blood stain caused Elizabeth to tear up the carpet, thus finding the box and she started to doubt Tom, especially after finding a gun he used to kill Victor Foken.
  • Tommy Phelps A.K.A. The Courier (No. 85) - held an NSA agent captive. Upon the death of the Courier and his rescue, the NSA agent gives Elizabeth the unredacted case file of Victor Foken, including a security photo of Tom leaving a building where it took place. The photo causes Elizabeth to doubt Tom even more.
  • Gina Zanetakos (No. 152) - Reddington informed Elizabeth that Gina was Tom’s lover. This was meant to make Elizabeth doubt Tom more and discover the truth. Elizabeth also discovered Gina in the photo of Tom, walking into the building as Tom was walking out.
  • Owen Mallory, head of the Cyprus Agency (No. 64) - Reddington brought up the adoption agency around the time Elizabeth and Tom were going to adopt a baby. By seeing the dark side of an adoption agency, Elizabeth had second thoughts. Thus Elizabeth was prevented from starting a family with Tom.
  • Clock, Driver, Fingers and Gunner Pavlovich (No. 119-122) - hired by Zamani to aide in his plan and later hired by Reddington to bring Tom out of hiding, capture him, and take him to Elizabeth for questioning.

Lucy BrooksEdit

  • Wujing (No. 84) - Reddington helped him decode a message from the CIA in exchange for a vicap number.
  • Nathaniel Wolff, head of General Ludd (No. 109) - capture of the leader and dissolution of the movement allowed Reddington to run the number through the vicap database, identifing Lucy Brooks, another agent of Berlin. Reddington also took a hard drive containing the program for the new 100 dollar banknote design from Wolff to give to a counterfeiter of his to enhance his syndicate’s power. Reddington also had printing plates made, which he gave to the Venezuelan Foreign Minister in exchange for his help in clearing Elizabeth's name.
  • Eric Trettel A.K.A. The Alchemist (No. 101) - hired to fake Lucy’s death and change her appearance to help her hide from Reddington.


  • Leon Cox A.K.A. Ilyas Surkov (No. 54) - used to appease his deal with the FBI while Reddington looked for a business he could launder his money through. Found a non-profit pet daycare center called Critter Cabin and purchased it.
  • Patricia Sue Edwards (No. 68) - used to appease his deal with the FBI while Reddington hired Fagen for a job. Initially wanted to burn down Critter Cabin because it was being audited by the IRS but instead had Fagen burn down the IRS field office where the records were kept.
  • Hannah Hayes (No. 125) - used to appease his deal with the FBI while Reddington searched for Katarina through Patrick Masuda and later through Skip Sutherland.
  • Newton Purcell (No. 144) - used to appease his deal with the FBI while Reddington conducted a deal with the CIA to sell them some Tritium for 12 million dollars.

Elizabeth KeenEdit

  • Frederick Barnes (No. 47) - Reddington gave Elizabeth the case to get back on her good side after Tom tricked her into thinking Reddington set Tom up for murder.
  • Karl Hoffman A.K.A. The Good Samaritan (No. 106) - Elizabeth had pursued the Good Samaritan while working with the Mobile Psych Unit but had no luck.
  • Linus Creel (No. 82) - used to reveal to Elizabeth that she has the warrior gene, which makes her likely to commit murder if put under enough stress. It also allowed Reddington to make amends with Haskell Twain, the Polyglot, thus adding a new ally for Reddington’s syndicate.
  • Chris Farnsworth A.K.A. The Forecaster (No. 163) - several dioramas depicting his crimes were left outside Elizabeth's home. Initially thought to be the killer before it is revealed to be the mother of a little girl, Maggie Driscoll, who made them after learning of the killer's plans off her hearing aid.
  • Sharon Fulton A.K.A. The Capricorn Killer (No. 19) - Elizabeth’s therapist who had Anthony Hollis kill several serial killers she investigated while in the Mobile Psych Unit to recruit her into helping Fulton kill more.
  • Gerald Todd Klepper A.K.A. The Ethicist (No. 91) - Koehler’s patient after Reddington, who Elizabeth tricked the Taskforce into investigating so she could find him first. Klepper told Elizabeth and Jennifer that Koehler’s former nurse, Marguerite Renard, could tell them Reddington’s true identity.
  • Marko Jankowics A.K.A. Sarkany (No. 58) - Renard’s boyfriend who kidnaps Jennifer after she and Elizabeth try to capture and question her. As a result, Renard reveals to Jennifer that Katarina arranged Reddington's surgery.
  • Nyle Hatcher A.K.A. The Boneyard Killer (No. 149) - Elizabeth had pursued the Boneyard Killer while working with the Mobile Psych Unit but had no luck.

Donald ResslerEdit

  • Mako Tanida (No. 83) - Ressler arrested him during his search for Reddington. When he escaped prison he started to target Ressler and the other agents he felt were responsible for his brother’s murder. He also killed Audrey Bidwell, Ressler’s ex-fiancé who was pregnant with his child.
  • Rebecca Thrall (No. 76) - Reddington used her to subtly imply he knows Ressler is under the thumb of Henry Prescott, a local fixer who is blackmailing him over killing Laurel Hitchin. Reddington offers his help dealing with Prescott, but Ressler refuses.
  • Howard Ray Bishop A.K.A. The Informant (No. 118) - A client of Prescott, who Reddington used to test Ressler's resolve toward justice. When Ressler arrests Bishop, Reddington helps Ressler find Prescott's real identity and kills him to protect Ressler.

Harold CooperEdit

  • Ruth Kipling A.K.A. The Judge (No. 57) - she wanted to execute Cooper based off of false information from an inmate, who was executed after Cooper beat a confession out of him.
  • The Architect (No. 107) - Cooper insisted Reddington give him a name after he broke out Isabella Stone to interrogate her.

Samar NavabiEdit

  • The Scimitar (No. 22) - he was responsible for orchestrating the bombing that supposedly killed Samar’s brother and later kidnapped an Israeli engineer after Samar killed an Iranian nuclear scientist.
  • New Martyrs Brigade A.K.A. Lipet's Seafood Company (No. 111) - they were developing a surface-to-air missile tele-guidance system designed to defeat Israel's Iron Dome and destroy the country. Samar organized a Mossad strike team to steal it and kill everyone guarding it.

Alina ParkEdit

  • Clark A.K.A. Dr. Lewis Powell (No. 130) - Reddington used the case to determine who gets on the Task Force: Francesca Campbell (Reddington's choice) or Alina Park (the FBI's choice). Tadashi Ito created a deepfake video like Clark's to impersonate Rostova and test Francesca's loyalty. After Francesca failed and Reddington saw Alina's brutal fight with her, Reddington agreed that Alina should be on the Task Force.
  • Twamie Ullulaq (No. 126) - kidnapped Edward Lussier, the ex-boyfriend of Alina's mother, after hijacking a shipment of 3 million dollars worth of Ambergris from Reddington, who arranged it so Alina would confront Lussier for supplying the heroin she overdosed on. Reddington also got revenge for Twamie stealing another of one of his shipments 4 months prior.

Alexander KirkEdit

  • Constantin Rostov A.K.A. Alexander Kirk (No. 14) - contracted Halcyon Aegis to abduct Elizabeth. Later revealed to be Rostova's ex-husband and continued to hire people to kidnap Elizabeth and Agnes thinking they were his biological family.
  • Reginald Turner A.K.A. Drexel (No. 113) - hired by Rostov to paint a picture of Reddington’s grave with Elizabeth standing over it titled “Rostova”, as a warning that he is coming for him.
  • Manuel Orentez Esteban (No. 79) - hired by Reddington to get information on Rostov's location in Cuba.
  • Mato (No. 66) - hired by Rostov to find Agnes and Elizabeth and later to kill Tom.
  • Miles McGrath (No. 65) - hired by Rostov to steal the Ribowski virus, which helped his uncle live longer as he suffered from the same disease Rustov has.
  • The Thrushes (No. 53) - hired by Rostov to monitor the Post Office, which they did by having Janet Sutherland seduce Aram Mojtabai.

Halcyon AegisEdit

  • Susan Hargrave, head of Halcyon Aegis (No. 18) - she hired Matias Solomon to abduct Elizabeth. After the failed abduction, she aligned with Reddington to take down Alexander Kirk.
  • Matias Solomon (No. 32) - one of the Cabal’s most trusted agents. He escaped federal and Cabal custody with the help of Susan Hargrave to coordinate the assault teams to abduct Elizabeth.
  • The Artax Network (No. 41) - satellite network secretly belonging to Halcyon Aegis used to coordinate Halcyon agents. It was used by Halcyon operators to coordinate Elizabeth's abduction.


  • Owen Ayers A.K.A. Gaia (No. 81) - Reddington used Owen to find his son, Skyler, to find his hematologist, Sebastian Reifler, who also has Rostov as a patient.
  • Silas Gouldsberry A.K.A The Lindquist Concern (No. 105) - had possession of schematics for an invention created by Sonia Bloom, who Reddington wanted to find. Reddington also gave the rest of the inventions to the Cabal to sell, with Reddington getting a 45% cut of the profits, growing his syndicate’s power.
  • Sonia Bloom A.K.A Adrian Shaw (No. 98) - developed a way for DNA to repair the body by itself, which could cure Rostov and Reddington showed it worked through one of Reifler's patients, Lucille Bockes. Reddington also recruited her into his syndicate.

Mr. KaplanEdit

  • Kathryn Nemec A.K.A. Mr. Kaplan (No. 4) - Reddington's former cleaner, who started a war against Reddington after he attempted to kill her. It is revealed she used to work for Rostova as Elizabeth's nanny and everything she did for Reddington and her war is all for the sake of Elizabeth and her family.
  • The Harem (No. 102) - Reddington wanted the WITSEC witness list they stole so he could erase Maureen Rowan, Kaplan's sister, from the list to protect her as a way to atone for “murdering” Kaplan.
  • Natalie Luca (No. 184) - hired by Isabella Stone to kill one of Reddington's accountants and money launderers, Zack Smoll, at Kaplan's direction.
  • Judith Pruitt A.K.A. Isabella Stone (No. 34) - hired by Kaplan to kill and discredit several of Reddington's associates to expose and weaken Reddington's operations.
  • Asa Hightower A.K.A. The Apothecary (No. 59) - hired by Kaplan to develop a poison which she used in an attempt to kill Reddington.
  • Dembe Zuma (No. 10) - framed by Kaplan as the man who tried to poison Reddington.
  • Philomena (No. 61) - hired by Kaplan to capture Joe Peracchio and Marvin Gerard so she can offer them a deal: turn on Reddington or go to prison, both chose the latter.
  • Bogdan Ivanovich Krilov (No. 29) - hired by Kaplan to make Ressler attack Laurel Hitchin, in order to break down the Reddington Taskforce. Krilov was also the one who had blocked Elizabeth's memory of the fire and killing her father.
  • Edgar Grant A.K.A. The Debt Collector (No. 46) - hired by Reddington to kidnap Elizabeth in order to lure Kaplan out.

Ian GarveyEdit

  • Ian Garvey A.K.A. Damascus (No. 13) - a dirty cop in charge of the Nash Syndicate, who steals the duffel bag of bones Kaplan entrusted to Tom and then kills him.
  • The Invisible Hand (No. 63) - Reddington used them to find the man who built their surveillance system, Cleveland Bandicott, also known as the Toymaker, who also built Robert Navarro's glass eye on Garvey's behalf. Reddington also recruited Bandicott into his syndicate.
  • Anna-Garcia Duerte (No. 25) - killed Jerry Juyal, a Nash Syndicate associate. Reddington wanted to use a ledger she stole from him to leverage Garvey's boss to have him hand over the duffel bag.
  • Zarak Mosadek (No. 23) - Afghanistan's Deputy Interior Minister for Counter-Narcotics, who is also the Nash Syndicate’s supplier of drugs and Garvey's boss. Agrees to cut Garvey's supply off when Reddington rescues his son Mateen if Garvey doesn't return the duffel bag.
  • Nicholas Tyler Moore, the head of the New Haven Cult (No. 110) - Reddington manipulated Elizabeth into thinking he was hiding the case from the FBI as a distraction to get a head start on getting the duffel bag back.
  • Lawrence Dane Devlin (No. 26) - hired by Moore to kidnap a girl named Maybelle after she escaped the cult and kidnapped Samar when she tried to stop them. When Devlin delivered them back to Moore, he instructed Devlin to make Samar disappear.
  • Sutton Ross (No. 17) - Garvey gave him the duffel bag before he died. Was at first thought to just be out to hurt Reddington, but in reality was entrusted to reveal the truth about Reddington's real identity to his 2 daughters, Jennifer and Elizabeth, and expose the whole truth about it.

Robert DiazEdit

  • Robert Diaz (No. 15) - the president of the United States of America, who conspired to have his wife, Miriam, killed to cover up the fact he committed a hit and run while drunk, killing a woman and child, and hired a fixer connected to Kirk to cover it up, who Miriam had gathered files and evidence against him.
  • Anna McMahon (No. 60) - A Justice Department official Diaz had orchestrate a massive conspiracy in the highest branches to assassinate Diaz's wife.
  • Bastien Moreau A.K.A. The Corsican (No. 20) - hired by McMahon to kill Christopher Miles and Ava Ziegler and give McMahon the dossier on the conspiracy, thinking McMahon worked for Black Fist.

The CorsicanEdit

  • Hans Koehler (No. 33) - kidnapped by the Corsican to surgically alter his face in preparation to carry out an assassination. Koehler was also the one who surgically altered Reddington's face into Raymond Reddington's and Reddington wanted Koehler's ledger to erase that file after he heard Koehler was compromised.
  • Jonathan Nikkila A.K.A. General Shiro (No. 116) - developed a poison which creates carnivorous insects in peoples' stomaches and sent some to the Corsican, which he used to kill Zigler.
  • Benjamin Foley A.K.A. The Cryptobanker (No. 160) - laundered 5,000,000 dollars for the Corsican in Cairo and sent it to Jonas Kruger in exchange for his security badge and the schedule and security details for Ava Zigler.

Anna McMahonEdit

  • Olivia Olson (No. 115) - hired by McMahon to acquire a vote needed to pass a treaty through Congress. After the FBI seized Olson's files, McMahon deleted the one regarding the Third Estate and Reddington took over Olson's business, growing his syndicate’s power.
  • Agathe Tyche A.K.A. Lady Luck (No. 69) - hired Henry Morris to kill Betsy Nagel, both degenerate gamblers. Morris sent the Third Estate state-of-the-art surveillance equipment to spy on homes with high-end security systems.
  • The Third Estate (No. 136) - McMahon manipulated the FBI into putting the Third Estate on the FBI's radar in preparation to frame them as scapegoats for her plan.
  • Guillermo Rizal (No. 128) - hired Francis Cotton to kidnap dozens of children for his experiment. Cotton was also hired by McMahon to find the dossier, which Bastian Moreau stashed before he was killed.

Katarina RostovaEdit

  • Katarina Rostova (No. 3) - a former KGB agent, ex-member of the Cabal, and Elizabeth's mother. After framing Raymond Reddington for treason and declared a traitor by the American and Russian governments, they collectively placed a bounty on her head under the “Townsend Directive”, which she wants called off by any means necessary.
  • Lady Ambrosia (No. 77) - Reddington located a former KGB agent’s daughter that was in her possession in exchange for files on Rostova.
  • Jordan Loving A.K.A. Minister D (No. 99) - tried to blackmail Rostova with a tape he made of her and Alan Fitch planning to use information she stole from the real Reddington and use it to frame him for treason. Reddington wanted the tape so he would be acquitted at his trial.
  • The Osterman Umbrella Company (No. 6) - hunted Rostova after she betrayed the KGB and hired by Mossad through Levi Shur to kill Samar after they discovered she has vascular dementia.
  • Louis T. Steinhil (No. 27) - hired by Rostova to get information on the people hunting her out of Reddington and later her father.
  • Thelonious Prackett, head of Les Fleurs Du Mal (No. 151) - hired Louis T. Steinhil for a job and knew where he lived.
  • Norman Devane (No. 138) - hired by Rostova to do some contract work for her in 1986 and later to develop a medical treatment for a man named Patrick Masuda.
  • Bhavish Ratna A.K.A. The Hawaladar (No. 162) - arranged payments for Rostova to Louis T. Steinhil to trick Reddington, Orion Relocation Services for a new identity and Skip Sutherland to find Ilya Koslov.
  • Orion Relocation Services (No. 159) - hired by Rostova to acquire the identities of Madeline Tolliver and Gregory Flynn, who are moving next door to Elizabeth, and kill them.

Comics and Novels (Non-Canon)Edit

  • Ethan Donovan A.K.A. The Arsonist (No. 123) - intentionally released by the Cabal to acquire his burning formula so the Director could sell it to the highest bidder, giving the Cabal more power, but they failed.
  • Griffin A.K.A. The Beekeeper (No. 159) -
  • Michael Hoagland, head of the Dead Ring (No. 166) -

The GamblerEdit

  • Leon Kiklinski A.K.A. The Lobbyist (No. 148) - hired by the Gambler to frame the FBI for the “assassination” of Ryan Dupont, an activist that spoke out against the police and other attacks against the FBI.
  • John X (No. 192) - hired by the Gambler to rescue Leon Kiklinksi and to kill him if he failed a bet, which he did. The Gambler then tasked him with hunting down the Reddington Taskforce and Reddington himself.

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The Blacklist Season 2 Preview - Connecting the Criminals Featurette

The Blacklist Season 2 Preview - Connecting the Criminals Featurette

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