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The Cook” is the twelfth episode of Season 5 of The Blacklist and the one hundred and one episode overall.


Arsons are being committed by the Cook. Red recommends convicted arsonist, Earl Fagan, to assist in return, the team must help him with parole.

In the meantime, Liz goes to Red for help on the glass eye. Red gives her a terrarium of Japanese Joro spiders to drop off at Mariko Ito's office as a gift.

Press Release[]

As Liz works with Red to hunt for Tom's killers, she begins to question his motives. Meanwhile, the Task Force enlists the help of one arsonist to catch another.

Number on The Blacklist[]

  • 56

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. This episode was a reference to the Hannibal Lecter franchise.
  2. Elizabeth Keen
    1. Liz is applying a double standard to her actions and Red’s actions.
    2. Why is Keen afraid of spiders?
      1. A: Arachnophobia is one of the most common fears among people around the world.
    3. How did Liz know that the apartment was a “stage”?
      1. A: Liz knew that the house was a “stage” due to the price tags on the furniture and the picture frames mounted with the original inserts left inside them.
  3. Raymond Reddington
    1. Why did Red not know about the number 4 and tetraphobia in Chinese numerology and Asian cultures?
      1. The number 8 (4x2=8) is considered lucky in Chinese culture and Chinese numerology. Red could have gotten the numbers confused.
      2. The number 8 (八 hachi, ya) is considered a lucky number in some Eastern cultures. It suggests growing prosperous, because the letter (八) broadens gradually. Eight (や ya) was also seen as holy in ancient times.
      3. A: Red knows arbitrary things and ignores modern popular culture. Red could not identify Chewbacca or Yoda from the “Star Wars” universe.
      4. A: Red could have thought that Ito did not believe in the superstition as it varies by region.
      5. A: Mariko Ito's tiger mother attitude is not normal Japanese behavior. Japanese women are much more subdued and usually show guests more respect. The tiger mother culture comes from China where women are much more outspoken and commanding.
    2. Red’s refusal to learn about modern technology can prove a liability in the future.
    3. How long has Red known Mariko Ito and Tadashi Ito?
      1. A: It's possible he met them during his rebuilding of his organization.
    4. Where did Red previously encounter Earl Fagen?
    5. Why does Red need Earl Fagen’s expertise with arson?
      1. A: Fagen's expertise in arson was needed to help the FBI identify Thomas Waddles and stop him.
      2. Q: Red told Fagen that he needed him after he had been released from prison.
    6. What does Red want analyzed?
      1. A: The custom computer server system installed in the house.
    7. Why is the skeleton so important?
      1. A: The skeleton is the key to uncovering Red's secret involving the death of Liz's mother, Katarina, which Kathryn Nemec had entrusted to Tom to deliver. Her possible skeleton is with Ian Garvey.
      2. A: In “Sutton Ross”, the bones belong to the real Raymond Reddington.
  4. Samar Navabi
    1. Why was Samar concerned about the fact that crime pays? She was sent by Red to the FBI.
      1. A: Despite her morals and ethics, she is still an enforcer of justice and doesn't approve of the criminal lifestyle, even if she respects some criminals.
  5. Donald Ressler
    1. Ressler’s testimony before the parole board shows that he is seeking redemption for his actions.
    2. Why was Ressler shocked that a priest was the Blacklister?

Slanders on the FBI[]


Main star[]

Guest star[]

  • C. Thomas Howell as Earl Fagen
  • Jonny Coyne as Ian Garvey
  • Michael Rogers as Thomas Owen Wattles
  • Alex Shimizu as Tadashi Ito
  • Jenna Williams as Claire Homan
  • Rocco Sisto as Father Runa
  • Steffanie Leigh as Corrine Egan
  • Benim Foster as Professor Ellroy Sands


  • Anzu Lawson as Mariko Ito
  • David Hywel Baynes as Paris Genet
  • Jorge Luna as Bartender
  • Jade Elysan as Masseuse
  • Precious Cruz-Dyson as Parole Board Member
  • Katherine Kell/Emily Kell as Agnes Keen
  • Michael DeMello as Garvey Merc #1
  • Richard Tovish as Garvey Merc #2


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