The Corsican” is the second episode of Season 6 of The Blacklist and the hundred and thirteenth episode overall.


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As Liz and the Task Force race to stop an imminent bombing by an elusive Blacklister, Red has an encounter that will change the trajectory of his life forever.

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  • 20

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  1. Raymond Reddington
    1. How long can Red stay in prison?
      1. It will paralyze his ability to aid the task force.
      2. Similar to the “Keen fugitive” arc, it will have to be resolved with an escape or a release.
    2. Red’s imprisonment mirrors his character arc in the series. He has suffered steady loss and decline.
      1. His arrest by a patrolman shows that he is not important enough to deserve a spectacular arrest.
      2. His blatant actions in public would have led to his arrest without the informant.
      3. His imprisonment in a regular prison shows that he is not important enough to be sent to a supermax prison.
      4. Holt's victory comes after Red's near-defeat from Kathryn Nemec.
      5. Red believes that he can obtain a ”not guilty” verdict at his trial.
      6. Red openly offered Baldwin a bribe and showed no concern for his imprisonment. Similiar to “Sir Crispin Crandall”, Red relies too much on cash to solve problems.
      7. Red’s anger over the betrayal is ignoring the reality that his duplicity is what motivated Keen to tip off the police. Red’s actions are returning to haunt him.
      8. Red’s comment about a “good year” in “Dr. Hans Koehler” is proven wrong as he is arrested.
      9. Red’s judgement has been failing.
        1. A: Even Dembe has shown concerns over Red's stability to make sound decisions.
    3. What will happen to Red’s syndicate? It was already weak before his imprisonment.
      1. He has lost support and/or respect from his longtime allies.
      2. His enemies will intensify their attacks and Red will be unable to retaliate.
      3. His inability to execute disloyalty will encourage betrayals and defections.
      4. His new employees are not criminal masterminds capable of uniting Red’s syndicate.
      5. Many clients had abandoned him and/or showed skepticism at his ability to ensure delivery.
  2. Bastien Moreau
    1. Will Bastien Moreau be caught? Cooper ordered that his face be broadcast across the city.
    2. What will happen to Moreau’s client? McMahon stated the target knew of the coup.
    3. Did Moreau sell the stolen diplomatic briefcase to his client?
    4. Was the assassination attempt a reference to the Syrian Civil War?
      1. A: No. Moreau is an isolationist extremist, or anti-globalist, which is why he targeted the UN. He is also European.
  3. Elizabeth Keen
    1. Why did Keen inform on Red?
      1. A: She and Jennifer agreed keeping him in prison would keep him out of the way from their investigation on his true identity.
    2. What was Keen printing?
      1. A: The client list they got from Hans.
    3. When did Keen tip off the police?
      1. Sometime after the bomb was defused.
    4. Why did Keen need to tip off the police? Red basically resembles Moreau in a general description.
      1. A: She probably thought they wouldn't realize he was Reddington and just some random criminal. She no doubt didn't consider he'd be recognized and be facing the death penalty.
    5. What would Keen have done if her anonymous tip had failed?
      1. A: She would have considered a different plan to keep him from interfering in her investigation.
    6. Keen is in a position to isolate Red. She can restrict his contact with the black market and set limits on his contact with others outside the prison.
      1. A: She is in the position, but not the authority. As Red has shown, he doesn't always grant her wishes and when it comes to securing his secret, he will refuse them outright.
  4. Harold Cooper
    1. Will Holt‘s and Cynthia Panabaker‘s behavior undermine Cooper‘s trust in the government to protect the task force?
    2. Cooper’s comment that Red must answer for his crimes is hypocritical considering Cooper’s past actions.
    3. How did Cooper expect Holt to release Red?
      1. A: He optimistically believed her sense of justice would see he's done more good than harm.
  5. Dembe Zuma
    1. Why did Dembe not intervene in the arrest?
      1. A: He would have just gotten arrested to and that would not have helped Reddington.
  6. Holt
    1. How was Holt supposed to have released Red if she had agreed to aid Cooper?
      1. A: Holt is a skilled lawyer and would have spun the immunity agreement in some way to have him released.
    2. Holt may sacrifice the task force for political gain.
    3. Holt seems to be another Reven Wright. She is balancing the law, the need for secrecy, and her personal self-interest.
      1. A: Unlike Revan, who also saw the good in what the task force does, Holt made it clear she is only interested in her career and doesn't care what ramifications it could have on the task force.
  7. Michael Baldwin
    1. If Baldwin had accepted the bribe, then how was he supposed to aid Red?
      1. A: By following his instructions on how to “escape.”
    2. Why was Baldwin outraged that Red was being transferred to federal custody? He should have known that the federal government would override the city government.
      1. A: Baldwin is clearly not all that smart, just loyal to the badge. He probably had no idea the federal government would have gotten involved the way they did, except maybe in court.
    3. Why did Michael Baldwin suspect Red?
      1. A: He got an anonymous tip.

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  • Tyerise Foreman as Team Leader
  • Charlotte Cohn as Security Officer
  • Hugh Cha as Guard
  • Darrell Shipley as Lead Investigator
  • Brandon Schraml as NYPD Officer #1
  • Brian Joseph Coot eas NYPD Officer #2
  • Dominic Comperatore as Security Captain
  • Fred O. Dery as Team Member
  • Jorge Hoyos as Delegate


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