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“The Cyranoid” is the Ninth episode of season 8 of The Blacklist and the hundred and sixty-first overall.


Dembe and Reddington break into a house and take a gun from the table. Elizabeth then returns to the house, where she finds them. Reddington says they need to talk.

We see the situation 12 hours earlier, at the Post Office, Harold Cooper briefs the team on N-13 and Rakitin. He reveals that he was able to recover the documents from the thumb drive, and it contained the classified identities of several agents. Only 5 people had the access to that information, and he freezes their security clearance.

Dembe and Reddington meet with Harold, revealing they received a recording of Mary Bremmer saying that Elizabeth wants to meet with Neville Townsend. Andrew Patterson calls Reddington, worried that his clearance was revoked.

Elizabeth and Mary meet with an associate of Neville Townsend's, and the FBI stakes it out. The lookout spots the surveillance and they all scatter, but Mary is captured by the FBI, and Elizabeth by Townsend's associate. She tells them that Townsend is her brother. Meanwhile, 1 of the 5 people with the clearance is found dead and assumed to be Rakitin. Andrew Patterson meets with Reddington, revealing that he is alive, and killed the other man to get the FBI off his trail.

At Townsend's penthouse, Neville Townsend goes to question Elizabeth only to find that it is a look-a-like who has an earpiece allowing her to serve as Elizabeth's surrogate for the meeting. Elizabeth tells him that Reddington is N-13, the man responsible for killing Townsend's family, and proposes an alliance to kill him.

The look-a-like goes to the Post Office and requests immunity. Reddington tells Cynthia Panabaker that the look-a-like is in fact a Cyranoid, a stand-in that uses the latest technology to provide remote communication with the employer. The Cyranoid then breaks out of her room using the passcode and kills Mary at the behest of Neville. Aram Mojtabai tries to stop the Cyranoid, but she escapes the room.

Reddington goes to see a man called the Commissioner, who he communicates with via a Cyranoid. He requests the location of Elizabeth's Cyranoid in exchange for keeping his organization a secret. The Cyranoid escaped the Post Office, and the opening scene is shown, now revealing that it was the Cyranoid that Reddington and Dembe captured, not Elizabeth. Reddington puts 1 bullet in his gun, and spins the chamber, and begins shooting at the Cyranoid's head, asking for Elizabeth's location with each pull. When there is only 1 chamber left Elizabeth disconnects, and Reddington reveals that he palmed the bullet leaving no chance that the gun would fire. Dembe traced the connection. They follow the trace, where a cellphone is left connecting Reddington to Neville Townsend, who says that he and Elizabeth will unite to bring a reckoning to Reddington. At the Post Office, Cynthia Panabaker puts out an arrest warrant for Elizabeth at the recommendation of Harold Cooper.

Press Release[]

The Task Force is thrown for a loop when they encounter a nefarious enterprise that provides doppelgängers for criminals. Red scrambles to counteract a bold move by Liz.

Number on The Blacklist[]

  • 35

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. The title is a reference to Cyrano de Bergerac, cybernetics, and android.
  2. Neville Townsend
    1. Why did Neville order Mary Bremmer murdered?
      1. A: Mary Bremmer is Neville Townsend's sister. Now that she is in FBI custody, despite his love for her, she presents too great a liability for him due to her knowledge about his location and operating details. Neville orders Mary's murder as a show of good faith by Elizabeth Keen (via her Cyranoid) before entering into an alliance with Keen in going after Reddington.
    2. What did the letter say?
    3. What is Neville suffering from?
    4. What happened to Neville Townsend’s family?
  3. Commissioner
    1. What happened to Collins?
    2. What was Collins background before becoming a Cyranoid?
    3. How can a radio store be active? They had been replaced with telephones and computers.
    4. Why does the Cyranoid have to resemble the client?
  4. Elizabeth Keen
    1. How did Keen learn that Bremmer and Townsend were related?
      1. A: In “16 Ounces“, Liz told Esi that they needed Katarina's assets, as well as an associate known as ”Mr. French”, who is most likely the person who told Katarina why the Townsend Directive was authorized, in order to have a chance at defeating Reddington. This person could be the source of Liz's knowledge about Townsend and the Blacklisters which the Task Force dealt with after her departure.
    2. If Keen loses too many options then she could expose the Task Force.
    3. Was the double being kidnapped part of the plan?
  5. Raymond Reddington
    1. What is Red’s 30 year project?
    2. Why does Red not prefer the Post Office?
    3. Will Red use the Commissioner in the future?
  6. Aram Mojtabai
    1. What did Aram seek to gain by interrogating Mary?
  7. Harold Cooper
    1. Why did Cooper order the security clearances frozen? He should have known it would alert Rakitin.
    2. Why was Cooper surprised at the double? A similar scheme was used by Raleigh Sinclair III.
  8. Cynthia Panabaker
    1. At what action will Panabaker retaliate against the Post Office Task Force?
    2. Why was Panabaker shocked at the murder? She has shown a variable morality.

Slanders on the FBI and police[]

  1. Where was the FBI SWAT team?



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