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The Djinn” is the fourth episode of Season 3 of The Blacklist and the forty eighth episode overall. It aired on October 22, 2015 on NBC.


Press Release[]

Red and Liz continue their mission to clear Liz’s name. Red enlists the help of the task force to help them find a woman called the Djinn, a mysterious woman who fulfills revenge fantasies. They believe the Djinn can lead them to the Cabal, the next step in exonerating Liz.

Number on The Blacklist[]

  • 43

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. Moral viewpoints
    1. Donald Ressler seems to be attempting to balance his duty with the benefit of the doubt.
    2. Samar Navabi stated that Keen made her decision and must suffer the price.
    3. Raymond Reddington showed annoyance at Keen’s insistence on calling for medical attention before Nasim arrived.
    4. Elizabeth Keen is wavering between her FBI training and evading the FBI. Eventually she will have to take a side.
  2. Raymond Reddington
    1. Red’s escape plan relied on a razor thin margin of success for the timing.
    2. Why did Red need the FBI? He found Nasim without them and they nearly arrested him and Keen.
      1. A: Red stated that he is using the FBI's presence to force Nasim to give up the journal, and promised a means of escape in return. Red later gave up the journal to the FBI, other than 1 page that he tore out. Navabi stated to Ressler that many cold cases will be closed as a result of the journal.
    3. What was on the page that Red removed from Nasim's journal/ledger?
      1. A: It is explained at the beginning of the episode that the Djinn was hired by some members of the Cabal. The page had information on the members and how they used the Djinn.
    4. Why has Red not forced Samar to act as a double agent?
    5. What did Red mean when he asked about Keen’s fantasy? His reply was evasive.
      1. A: He feels he ruined her life and thus her fantasy.
    6. Red’s syndicate is losing high ranking allies to the Cabal.
    7. Why did Red need Aram’s help in locating Nasim Bakhash? He could have used his own network and sent the information to the FBI.
      1. A: To make it part of the FBI investigation.
      2. Q: Sending the information would involve Ressler.
      3. A: Aram was the only one that Red could trust to help him and Liz since his high ranking allies in his syndicate have betrayed him to gain favorable positions in the Cabal.
    8. Red’s decision to pursue Keen in the park could have alerted Alice to the fact that Keen was an infiltration agent.
    9. Why did Red state that the “Djinn” was a middleman?
      1. A: He refers to the Djinn being an ordinary person.
    10. How did Red know Alice was not the “Djinn”?
      1. A: Alice was not as rich as the Djinn should be.
  3. Elizabeth Keen
    1. In Keen's conversation with Tom, she seemed to embellish her “sins“. She told Tom that she should not be saved and Tom should escape the spy game. Tom and Red have committed worse crimes.
    2. Did Keen tell Red her real fantasy?
      1. A: Possibly. She did want to have a life with Tom before Reddington showed up.
  4. Nasim Bakhash
    1. Why did Nasim keep the journal/ledger listing her clients?
    2. How did Nasim obtain the resources for the “Djinn” network?
    3. How did Nasim choose Alice?
      1. A: Alice said the Djinn saw she had a talent for reading people.
    4. Why did Hamid Bakhash not know of the sex-change operation?
      1. A: Red stated that Bahram Bakhash has kept Nasir’s forced Sex Reassignment Surgery secret in order to protect Hamid from finding out the truth about him being gay.
      2. Q: How did Bahram explain the disapperance of Nasir?
      3. A: Red also stated that Bahram claimed that Nasir was living with relatives in a different country and that Nasim was his daughter from an affair he had with her mother as a cover story for Hamid.
    5. What will happen to Azeri Financial and the Newcastle Venture Group?
    6. Do Nasim and Samar have similar family histories? Nasim’s decision to use “Samar Navabi” implies a personal connection.
      1. A: They are both women from the Middle East so Nasim figured Samar understood what she was going through.
      2. Q: Samar stated that she was nothing like Nasim because she took control of her life early on from an attack brought upon by the Scimitar that killed her family.
  5. Samar Navabi
    1. Samar said a “troll farmer” (Bo Chang), ”counterfeiter“, and “a company that launders money for the Cabal” (“Eli Matchett”). Ressler said “a high-priced vigiliante” (Nasim Bakhash). Who was the counterfeiter? They should have mentioned Marvin Gerard.
      1. A: Possibly Chui from the diner.
      2. Q: The money operation was removed before the FBI found it.
      3. A: It was never confirmed that the operation was cleaned up on time. The FBI had a picture of the diner on their board with the other criminals.
      4. Q: The diner picture was for evidence. The FBI did find the tunnel, but Chui would make certain that the money operation was removed before that.
  6. Aram Mojtabai
    1. Is Aram attempting to romance Samar?
      1. A: Probably. It has been hinted at in a couple episodes that he likes her.
    2. Why did Aram tell Red that he had to tell Ressler of Red’s visit? He stayed silent about the 5,000,000 dollar transfer in “The Good Samaritan”.
    3. Who was the woman in the photo in Aram's apartment?
      1. A: Possibly Samar.
  7. Dembe Zuma
    1. What happened to Dembe after Vargas shot him?
      1. A: He was possibly taken to the hospital to get medical treatment by one of the witnesses.
      2. Q: How would he explain the gunshot?
    2. Why did Dembe believe that his family would be spared if he was killed in an escape attempt?
      1. A: The Cabal used Dembe's family to get Dembe. If Dembe were dead the family would be useless and not worth the effort to kill.
  8. Vargas
    1. Vargas has learned to tolerate the sight of blood.
    2. Why did Vargas betray Red? He helped to entrap Niko Demakis.
      1. A: Vargas was working for the Cabal in secret to gain Red's trust.
    3. Why did Vargas not know the classified advertising tuba message?
      1. A: Red most likely uses different codes for different members of his syndicate, or all of his codes could be broken if one was broken.
      2. Q: Then Vargas should have had his own code and not needed Dembe's.
      3. A: Red wanted to meet with Dembe, not Vargas.
      4. Q: Why would Red want to avoid Vargas?
      5. A: Red suspected that Vargas would betray him, which proved true in “Arioch Cain” when he lured both Red and Liz into a trap that was foiled by Dembe.
  9. Tom Keen
    1. Why has the Major apparently stopped his pursuit?
      1. A: Tom knows the Major's tactics, so he probably knows how to elude him.
    2. How can the FBI track Tom? Red stated it was possible.
    3. Why did Tom need help from Harold Cooper with his cover story?
      1. A: He really did not. Cooper just gave him some ideas. Tom probably used them to show he was willing to work with him.
    4. What was wrong with the name “Sammy“?
      1. A: Sam (close to “Sammy”) was the name of Keen‘s adoptive father.
      2. A: It would not fit the tone of Tom‘s cover story. ”Sammy” is a childish and familiar nickname that would not be appropriate to use for a trust fund kid studying at Princeton. A guy like that would insist on being called ”Samuel” to be taken seriously, so calling him ”Sammy” would undermine the credibility of Tom‘s story.
  10. Leonard Caul
    1. How did Caul find the building?
      1. A: CIA training.
  11. Alice
    1. What will happen to Alice?
      1. A: Red said he would help her set up her own business. He mentioned he had her first client lined up.
    2. What is the business Red wanted Alice to control?
    3. Did Alice receive training in reading a person’s body language while working as a promotional model?
    4. Why did Alice state that there were few fugitive clients?
  12. Azeri Financial
    1. Why would 1 act of cannibalism cause a hotel to go bankrupt?
    2. Why would 1 hijacking cause an airline to go bankrupt?
  13. How did Karakurt betray the Federal Security Service (FSB)?
    1. The FSB or the whole Russian government probably doesn't want the Cold War reignited.
  14. Who were the police arresting in the park?

Slanders on the FBI[]

  1. Why was there a delay for the harbor patrol?
  2. Why did Ressler not call for aerial support and/or aerial pursuit?
    1. A: He probably did, as he wasn't phased when he heard the helicopter coming. He thought it was one of theirs until the officer said otherwise.


Main star[]

Guest star[]


  • Mark Doherty as NYPD Commander
  • Danni Wang as Waitress
  • Germar Terrell Gardner as Bouncer
  • John Hemphill as Gerald
  • Bazzel Baz as Baz
  • Tiffany Villarin as Agent Kim Aquino
  • Alex Gilbert as Young Man
  • R.J. Foster as Guard
  • Sandee Bengel as Gerta


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