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The Endling” is the fourth episode of Season 5 of The Blacklist and the ninety-third episode overall.


Press Release[]

Liz and the Task Force hunt for an elusive criminal who will stop at nothing to destroy some of the world's most precious treasures. Meanwhile, a surprise encounter leads a cash-strapped Red toward a new business opportunity, and Tom takes action to investigate the bones in the suitcase.

Number on The Blacklist[]

  • 44

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. Elizabeth Keen
    1. Why did Keen not notice that Tom stole her identity card and photographed it in the open?
      1. It was on the seat next to him, out of sight, not on the table.
    2. Will Pete’s use of Keen’s identity card lead back to Keen?
    3. Keen's reason for aiding Red is similiar to her reason in “Dr. James Covington”.
  2. Raymond Reddington
    1. Why did Red not know about the concept of the BnB and Airbnb?
      1. A: He's used to the finer things in life and is still not used to being lower/middle class. For someone of his station, an Airbnb would have slipped under his radar.
    2. Why are safe houses so limited in number?
      1. A: When Kathyrn Nemec drained his accounts, his safe houses were exposed.
  3. Nirah Ahmad
    1. How did Nirah know who would accept her offers based on financial problems?
    2. What would Nirah have done if Ana had not been left behind?
  4. Harold Cooper
    1. Cooper was applying a double standard when he lectured Keen.
  5. Tom Keen
    1. Tom has lost the bones.
  6. Nik Korpal
    1. Why did Nik refuse Red?
      1. A: After owing a favor to Red before, he never wanted anything to do with him again.
    2. Why did Pete kill Nik? What did he learn?
      1. A: Pete didn't kill Nick, the Nash Syndicate did on Ian Garvey's orders after Pete learned the bones belonged to the real Raymond Reddington.

Slanders on the FBI[]

  1. Why is the FBI using 2 versions of Red’s wanted poster?


Main star[]

Guest star[]

  • Poorna Jagannathan as Nirah Ahmad
  • Piter Marek as Dr. Nik Korpal
  • Lenny Venito as Tony Pagliaro
  • Geoffrey Owens as Dresner
  • Karl Miller as Pete McGee
  • C. David Johnson as Caleb Hess
  • Rezeta Veliu as Princess Sonya
  • Alicia Minshew as Dr. Melissa Lomay


  • Sean Gormley as Mr. Foley
  • Francesca Root-Dodson as Ana Dewan
  • Ivica Marc Ivica Marc as Head Guard (AKA Luka)
  • Ethan Herschenfeld as Hotel Security (AKA Tom Campbell)
  • Joseph Mancuso as Sven
  • Alen Kolenovic as Nash
  • Marisa Redanty as Woman in Line
  • Kimberly Huie as Dana Isaacs
  • Gavin Lodge as Jon Isaacs
  • Shiv Ajay as Ethan Isaacs
  • Lauren B. Martin as Nurse Supervisor
  • Elaine Bromka as Receptionist
  • Mark Prizov as Bodyguard #1


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