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Tommy Phelps was a criminal transporter and member of The Blacklist.


Tommy Phelps's father had abused him and his brother as children. Since he had the genetic disease of congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis, which made it impossible for him to feel physical pain, his father forced him to fight in a dog fighting ring and would invite others over to place bets.

He later became the Courier, a brutal and efficient middle man who made deliveries between criminals and enforced the black market's policy of trust through “fear and the threat of violence”. Red called him “the perfect middle man for an imperfect world”. He could not be bribed to alter a transaction. If either party involved attempted a double cross, he killed both sides. Elizabeth Keen called him the “the UPS driver of crime”.

He crossed Raymond Reddington's path in Cairo several years ago, resulting in the death of 2 of Red's men. Around this time he developed an opium addiction. He placed objects inside his body as an escape kit.

Season 1

The Courier

He was hired to deliver Seth Nelson, a National Security Agency computer technician with knowledge of their most valuable codes, from Laurence Dechambou, a French black market information dealer, to Hamid Souroush, an Iranian spy. When he realized that the FBI was present, he killed Souroush and tried to run. After being captured, he refused to talk. Later he attempted to use Seth as a bargaining chip. Using the objects embedded inside his body, he escaped and returned to his safe house. Donald Ressler and Meera Malik engaged him in a gun fight and tried to capture him, but Phelps died from his injuries.


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