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Tracy Solobotkin was a serial killer and member of the Blacklist.


Tracy was married to an abusive man named Ron, who was secretly a serial killer known as “the Deer Hunter”. His M.O. was to go after heavyset men and hunt them with a crossbow. Postmortem, he would cut into their abdomens, remove their internal organs, hang up the bodies upside down and take a ceremonial bite out of their livers. She discovered the truth when they were separated and she came home to pick up some things. After finding him in the garage covered in blood and making the connection, she tried to leave. He tried to kill her to silence her, but she grabbed a crossbow and killed him with a shot to the heart.

Inspired by her hardships, Tracy decided to continue the Deer Hunter killings, but started targeting abusive, possessive men she'd heard of through her job at WhiteHaven Shelters, a victims' advocacy group for women who were victims of domestic abuse. She copied the killings perfectly enough to convince the authorities that the original Deer Hunter was still at work, even replicating the bite into the livers, even though she found it repulsive. However, while Ron had varied his way of mutilating his victims, such as by choosing a different kind of knife between kills or a different way of cutting, Tracy exclusively copied the way he mutilated his last own victim every time.

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