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Twamie Ullulaq was an Alaskan native american that was armed and trained in counterterrorism and combat by the U.S military as part Operation Washtub during the Cold War so he and other locals could defend Alaska from an eventual Soviet attack. In return for his services, Ullulaq and his fellow men were promised lands and the construction of housing and schools for them by the government, but once the threat of war from the Soviet Union ended, the United States abandoned the agreement and left Ullulaq and the others to fend for themselves. To do that, Twamie united his people under his leadership and used his military training to create a hijacking operation. Intercepting and seizing cargo trucks that passed by his territory and selling it in the black market. Twamie and his men would abduct individuals who risked discovering the operation, using the myth of the Alaska Triangle as a cover for his crimes.

Season 7[]

Twamie Ullulaq[]


  • The Alaska Triangle myth first gained notoriety in 1972, when a former United States Representative House Majority Leader vanished while flying over the area. Over 16,000 people have vanished in the area.


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