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Original point:

Why is Donald Ressler still with the team considering his distrust of Raymond Reddington? He was the agent responsible to researching Red, and he is so smug that he believes that he knows more than any other agent other than possibly Agent Keen.


  1. A: He is on the team for his skepticism and distrust to counter any gloryhounds that may hope to further their careers through association with Red.
  2. Q: Although a "devil's advocate" is needed for the team, Ressler's emotional bias presents the danger of breaking the cover story. If the assault had taken place then Red and Liz would have been killed.
  3. A: In bureaucrat think, a dead Red is better than a live one in custody. This is because a dead Red can be touted as a success and hence a large amount of money from Congress. A free Red needs more funds to track him down but a captured Red is only good for one round of funding (like a dead Red) but could have an embarrassing trial lasting several funding rounds. Liz - a junior agent, only graduated a month (or so) ago - Check the training program especially the part about calling for backup.
  4. Q: By that reasoning a live Red means multiple funding grants for the FBI. A dead Red means 1 funding grant for the FBI. Therefore, Ressler should be removed since his actions could get Red killed.
  5. A: That's why only 27 "Feds" (26 mentioned by Cooper in the meeting with Diane Fowler + Meera Malik) know about his surrender, and he is still able to operate. Of course an escaped Red means no more career for Ressler, since the investigation would find him responsible.
  6. Q: There is a difference between not trusting Red and seeing every action as an escape attempt. Consider Cooper's actions, he does not trust Red; but he is remaining calm and gathering evidence (the ballistics report). He is not jumping to conclusions/actions that endanger the cover story.
  7. A: I think that Ressler's actions are based on a strict interpretation of procedure colored by what was essentially a wasted 5 years. Cooper is taking a more political long term view, something he can do, since Ressler can be guaranteed to take the other view.
  8. Q: Ressler's behavior could damage his career far worse than Raymond escaping. Consider George S. Patton, while he was needed for winning the war, his behavior and lack of restraint caused him problems and stalled/slowed his combat career.
  9. A: General Patton was a combat leader, not a stategist and was so used by his superiors.
  10. Q: Patton's behavior resulted in him being removed from the front lines after he made public statements viewed as insulting, there was also the slapping incident. If Ressler's distrust goes too far, then he will need to be removed for the sake of morale and a functioning team. While his behavior has become less severe, it could bias his reports and undermine his credibility.
  11. A: Ressler is needed to provide an agent whose loyalty is not questioned, Cooper is likely worried about security after Garrick's attack. He also needs a by-the-book agent to monitor Keen's rogue actions.
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