The Blacklist Wiki

I've been roped into watching this series with my wife who is obsessed and because we are on Netflix and are only 4 episodes into season 4, I realize I'm writing from a position of ignorance. However, the absurdity of these people's decisions in life; who to trust, what information to share, what information to demand before acting, etc., leaves me convinced that just about any plot twist could happen. So here's my alter-plot idea:

When little Elizabeth remembers shooting and killing "her dad" as a small child, she does indeed remember this correctly. What she doesn't realize is that Raymond Redington was not only having an affair with her mother, but was indeed her biological father. What actually happened that night was that Red and Katarina were arguing about her leaving Alexander with their child because that was when she finally told Red that he was the father. Little Elizabeth shot him dead and in a desperate ploy to disappear, Katarina gave Elizabeth up with the help of Mr. Kaplan and used his/her contacts to get a sex change (just as Mr. Kaplan had done years earlier when he was sidelined from his romance with Katarina by the evil Alexander Kirk) and then plastic surgery in order to assume Redington's identity. For this reason, what Red has said about Elizabeth's father being killed that night is true. It's also true that Alexander Kirk is not her father. It's also true that Katarina disappeared and will never be seen again. This explains why Red doesn't tell Elizabeth the truth that Dembe keeps encouraging him to.

It's just so ridiculous and yet so possible in the extreme that it would probably work. What do you think?

Yeah... I could write for these crazy series. I have a much better ending for Lost and my plot twist for Alias would make you vomit in your underwear, it's so bizarre.