Vanessa Anne Cruz was a con artist and member of the Blacklist.


Vanessa married a daytrader named Hernando Cruz at a young age. In 2007, he was clued in on an insider trading scheme at his firm. He reported it to his boss, Mason Carlton, but unfortunately, he was involved in the plan. To keep Cruz from talking, Carlton and some of the other conspirators framed him for what they did and threw him off of the George Washington Bridge, making it look like a suicide. Vanessa faked her own suicide and became a con artist, targeting wealthy investment bankers, hedgefund managers and similar businessmen, including the individuals who had killed her husband. Using fake identities and disguises to enter their lives, she would seduce them, gain access to their finances and rob them of millions of dollars. To cover her tracks and make her marks suffer more, she would frame them for some crime and either let them go to prison for it or kill them and let them take the blame posthumously while she moved on to the next mark.

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