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Vargas is a recurring character in NBC's The Blacklist


Season 2[]

Dr. James Covington[]

He appeared to determine the loyalty of Niko Demakis, J.P. Laskin, and Teddy Russo in the syndicate.

Dr. Linus Creel[]

He visited Monica Lyons and convinced her to end her affair with Frank Hyland, the husband of Naomi Hyland.

Season 3[]

Eli Matchett[]

He was thrown into the cell with a captured Dembe after being tortured for a period of time.

The Djinn[]

Vargas and Dembe “escape” from their holding cell, but Vargas betrays Dembe, shooting him and calling Matias Solomon.

Arioch Cain[]

Vargas tried to tell Red that the Cabal got to Dembe and he escaped to try and find them. However, Liz suspected he was lying, and her suspicion was confirmed when she noticed Vargas set them up to be killed in a siege and Dembe showed up to rescue him. He was killed by Red after setting up a siege against him with Solomon.


Vargas is a strange mix of ruthlessness and sensitivity. On the one hand, he is shown to be a competent and efficient operative, on the other, he can't stand the sight of blood. He also berates Monica Lyons for leaving her dog indoors all day when it needed to get out.

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. Why did he betray Red?
    1. A: He felt the Cabal was more powerful than Reddington and that he could become a member.
    2. A: He was always part of the Cabal, assigned to keep Red close, or to terminate him if needed.


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