Wendigo was an assassin.


Wendigo was a vigilante who operated independently of other organizations and was said to go after criminals for no other reason than that he found them unworthy of society. His origins besides that are unknown, though some suspect him of being former Special Forces. He was credited with at least 2 assassinations known by the FBI. The first was El Malo Grande (Spanish for “the Big Bad”), the head of a Guatemalan drug cartel who was living in Madrid under an alias. The other was an exiled Angolan dictator, Jose Perez, who was hiding in Brasília.

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  1. Did Wendigo ever meet Reddington before?
  2. Why is Arioch Cain number 50 on the blacklist?
    1. A: The broadcast episode title states the name and/or organization of the Blacklist number.
    2. A: Number 50 blog debate.


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