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Wujing” is the third episode of Season 1 of The Blacklist and the third episode overall. It first aired on October 7, 2013 on NBC.


A man is assassinated on the streets of Shanghai, his computer is stolen, and his hand is cut off. Using the hand, the computer is accessed, but a message cannot be decoded by the computer, so the order is given: Call Raymond Reddington.

Meanwhile in Washington Elizabeth Keen test fires the gun found in the box into a bucket of water and some telephone directories. Their friend Ellie arrives to take Tom Keen to his physiotherapy after breakfast, while Liz leaves for work. On the way in she arranges for the bullet and cartridge to be ballistically tested to see if they were involved in any crimes.

Red is playing solo chess in a park when a man approaches him and tells him he has a message from Wujing. Red tells him that his usual contractor is unavailable, he is to speak to Luli Zeng about his intended replacement and if that is OK they will proceed as normal.

Red meets Liz at his Hatter, and tells her that the Chinese recently killed a CIA agent in the hope that his computer could decode a message they has intercepted, but it could not, so they have called him. Red tells her that his client is Wujing a legendary Chinese agent who specializes in killing the agents of other countries. Liz thinks that message probably contains the name of another American agent and refuses to help. Red says that if he didn't decode the message someone else would, and besides he has already set up her cover ID. Liz eventually agrees to help. Red tells the agents that a small radio station, WDCJ, 5 miles away was purchased by the Chinese Government and is where Wujung has his US base. Red says that they have to use the real message as the Chinese may not know what is in the message, but they know what isn't.

After Ellie and Tom have left for Tom's physiotherapy session a team of men break into the house and install cameras and other equipment, supervised from outside by a man eating an apple.

Liz is given a decryption box and a remote mirroring program on a USB key, to transmit the message to the monitoring agents once it has been decoded and a fake nicotine patch which is a location transmitter.

When they arrive at the radio station they are checked for bugs and Red admits to his DARPA approved chip, but is permitted entry and told that it won't work. They are put into an elevator/lift and it descends to an underground bunker. Outside the monitoring team lose contact, and fearful of either betrayal or peril decide to put the armed response unit onto stand by. Inside Wujing introduces his new cryptographer Jin Sun. As there is no transmission from the bunker Red distracts everyone by pointing out one of the FBI surveillance vehicles while Liz plugs her USB key into Jin's computer. The message is soon decoded and the person involved is not an agent, but an architect, Henry Cho, who had helped the CIA.

As Liz and Red attempt to leave, alarms sound and the bunker is locked down. Wujing states that any connection to a Federal site is verified, and if found to be unauthorised then the alarm sounds. His security system has detected that the contact came from Jin Sun's computer and he proceeds to beat him. When he smashes Sun's computer in front of him, Sun notices the USB key Liz inserted. Before he can tell Wujing, Red shoots him dead, telling Wujing that still wants to leave. Wujing agrees and they leave by another exit to avoid the FBI.

Meanwhile Wujing's assassins reach Henry's location, but he has been warned to hide by Meera. Donald Ressler and Meera Malik arrive shortly after the assassins and Ressler manages to throw one of the building and, after a long fight, subdue a second. Meera shoots the third one just before he could kill Henry.

Wujing is making his escape by car with Red and Liz. Red asks for them to be dropped off, and as she leaves the car Liz puts her tracking patch on the side of the vehicle, so the FBI SWAT team easily intercept them and arrest Wujing a few minutes later.

Liz asks Red “why her” and he says that it is because of her father. When she asks if Red knew her father, he says that the answer is complicated, and says no more.

Liz receives the ballistic report, but it is so heavily redacted it is almost worthless.

Back at the Post Office, Ressler goes into Harold Cooper's office and tells him that he had placed a flag on all Liz's requests. Ressler gives him the unredacted version of the report she requested. Cooper remarks that the Secretary of Homeland Security is to be included in any briefings about this homicide.

Liz returns home to join Tom's welcome home party, where unknown to her they are being watched by the Apple Eating Man.

Press Release[]

The FBI is on the hunt for a high-ranking Chinese spy, Wujing which Red claims has hired him to help decode a classified CIA transmission. Liz, posing as an FBI cryptographer goes with Red to decode the message while protecting US government secrets. Meanwhile, Liz proactively investigates Tom.

Number on The Blacklist[]

  • 84

Unanswered Questions[]

  1. Did Red or Keen plant the tracker on the car? Red gave the impression that Wujing would escape. Considering his actions in the bunker, it is unlikely for him to risk anything that would endanger his immunity deal.
    1. A: Liz is shown placing her tracker on the car and when Wujing is being arrested the camera clearly shows the patch.
    2. Q: Red was taking a risk in trusting that Keen would do something. Suppose she had failed to place the tracker. His immunity deal could have been damaged.
    3. A: Since Red is able to leave the country, the end of his deal would mean that he just disappears again.
    4. Q: Who will he contact to remove the DARPA tracker?
    5. A: With some morphine and a razor blade, he can do that himself.
    6. Q: Did he have a backup plan (“Mako Tanida”) or was Wujing too valuable (“Ivan”) for an arrest?
    7. A: Red probably would have ensured that Wujing was captured at some point, possibly by Meera Malik.
  2. The fact that Harold Cooper and/or Donald Ressler has already flagged all of Liz's requests shows that her credibility has been damaged. Is Red planning to exploit this distrust to win her loyalty?
  3. Will Wujing reveal his operations in exchange for a lower sentence?
  4. Is Wujing ex-MSS or is he a Ministry for State Security agent who will be disavowed as a rogue agent if/when caught?
    1. A: The FBI information says that he is ex-MSS, but that would be a good cover for working abroad.
    2. A: He could be an ex-MSS agent who is working as a freelance consultant for the MSS. The amount of equipment in the bunker would require a large amount of currency.
  5. Will the FBI recover anything from Wujing's bunker? Even if Wujing destroyed the software (files, memory), the hardware (computers, circuits) should contain something useful.
  6. Will Red try to find a way to get Ressler replaced? His actions have risked Red's cover story. Red told Elizabeth Keen that he would “make her famous” in “Pilot”, making her the new team commander would aid that objective.
  7. What do the numbers, 042983, mean that were given to Red as payment?
    1. A: They are the FBI's ViCAP (Violent Criminal Apprehension Program) system number of a young woman known to the FBI as Lucy Brooks, as shown in “General Ludd”.
  8. Why is the homicide linked to Tom Keen's gun classified?
    1. A: Because the victim was an FSB agent who was about to defect.
  9. Who is the apple eating man?
  10. Why is Liz and Tom Keen's home being monitored?
  11. Who ordered the monitoring of Liz and Tom's home?
    1. A: In “Anslo Garrick: Conclusion” the Cabal is revealed to have been monitoring the house and other FBI agents.
  12. Is the FBI monitoring the house since Liz was chosen by Red as liaison and Tom was attacked by Ranko Zamani?

Slanders on the FBI, CIA, and MSS[]

  1. Why did the FBI SWAT team use long barrel firearms when arresting Wujing? A short barrel firearm would be more effective in the close quarters of an automobile or building. This was also seen in “Gina Zanetakos” and “Pilot”.
    1. A: Long barrel firearms are more intimidating, and show the futility of attempting to flee. In addition, at short range the type of body armour that can be worn beneath clothing can be pierced by such firearms.
    2. Q: The “fear factor” does not matter if the barrel gets in the way and the agent can not bring the weapon to bear. The cutlass was the preferred naval blade weapon since it was more useful in close quarters combat. The butterfly sword was prefered for its greater maneuverability. In “The Courier”, Tommy Phelps quickly brings his short barrel firearm to bear.
    3. A: Multiple agents should mean that at least one will be able to bring a weapon to bear. Different tactics are used by single agents, small teams, and larger teams. With the number of agents and their armour, they could have taken Wujing into custody with water guns.
  2. Why was the thumbprint scanner used before the opening credits so old that it was not configured to check temperature and blood flow?
    1. A: They needed a system that would not deny them access.
  3. Why did Jin Sun's computer have open USB ports, and if they were necessary why was auto run enabled?
  4. Why was Donald Ressler so eager to attack the radio station? As an FBI agent, he should know that undercover operations require the breaking of contact with the lead agent.
    1. A: Probably because Red has escaped twice since he surrendered himself.
    2. A: In “Anslo Garrick” we learn that Red and Ressler have a history.
  5. Why is Ressler still with the team considering his distrust of Red? He was the agent responsible to researching Red, and he is so smug that he believes that he knows more than any other agent other than possibly Agent Keen.
    1. This became a blog debate, to partake click here.


Main star[]

Guest star[]


  • Matthew Kim as Henry's Son
  • Jamil Mena as FBI Agent #1
  • Jeremiah Zinger as FBI Agent #2
  • Yung-I Chang as Shun Lee
  • Heland Lee as Chinese Agent



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