Wujing is a hacker who targeted and assassinated spies and other government agents for different nations. He appeared in “Wujing”.


Wujing was born the second child of his family, violating China's restrictions of one child per family. He is an ex-member of the Chinese Ministry for State Security. Despite not being officially recognized by them, he maintained strong, unofficial connections with the government of the People's Republic of China and was often hired by them to assassinate spies of other nations. According to Raymond Reddington, Wujing was responsible for the murders of 3 CIA agents stationed in China.


He is sent a message from Shanghai that has information on his next target, and hires Red to decrypt it. He has established his base of operations in an underground bunker beneath a local radio station.

After the message is decrypted, he gives Raymond Reddington a red envelope. It is revealed to contain a paper sheet with the numbers 042983. A short time later the alarms are triggered by a contact with an outside system. The contact is revealed to have come from Jin Sun's computer, so Wujing beats him. When Red kills Jin he initially wants to shoot Elizabeth Keen in retaliation, but Red talks him out of it by claiming that Liz is needed to maintain his credibility with other clients.

They then leave through a second entrance to the bunker. He drops Red and Liz off, and is then arrested by a FBI SWAT team.


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