Yaabari was a character in "The Blacklist".


Yaabari was a warlord in Cameroon.

Season 2Edit

"Lord Baltimore"Edit

Reddington attacks Yaabari's compound to interrogate him after Yaabari lent one of his bounty hunters to Milos Kirchoff to kill Reddington. He gives Yaabari 30 seconds to give him the names of the other killers Kirchoff hired in exchange for 3,000,000 dollars. When Yaabari turns him down, the compound is hit by a Hellfire missile. Yaabari gives him one of the names, Lord Baltimore. Reddington sets fire to the money he offered and leaves the compound to be destroyed by the missiles.

"T. Earl King VI"Edit

Yaabari attends the King family auction auction, planning to buy Reddington and get his revenge for the attack on his compound. When the bidding on him starts, Yaabari is the biggest bidder. Reddington tries to bid on himself, but the Kings shut him down and sell him to Yaabari for 18,000,000 dollars. When alone with Reddington, Yaabari reveals his plans to kill him and cash in a 40,000,000 dollar bounty on his head from Johannesburg. Liz arrives in time to intervene and shoot Yaabari dead.


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